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SharonH 05-02-2014 10:17 AM

Probiotic & Digestive Enzyme help
Hi everyone. I do not have a German Shepherd, I own 2 Rottweilers. A 9 1/2 year old female (Lila) and a 4 1/2 year old male (Tommy). I joined because you all have the absolute best advice on digestive issues, and believe me I have done a TON of research. I need some advice.
Tommy is hypothyroid, he is on meds that have it under control. The problem is he also suffers from acid reflux, which seems to me worse during high allergy season i.e. spring & fall - but it is pretty much an issue all year long, just worse during these seasons, my vet has him on 40 mg of prilosec, he started out with just 20 mg, but that did not do anything for him. Last night he had a bad episode where he was drooling, gave him a pepcid along with 2 capsules of slippery elm and 2 capsules of ginger - this calmed his stomach down, within 30 minutes. He also gets kefir/greek yogurt with his evening meal. I have tried various probiotic/prebiotics but none have seemed to help him. I currently am giving he and Lila Renew 15 billion capsule probiotic (the people stuff), he was on Great Life and before that Probios - just did not seem to really help. I have also started giving him 3 pieces of pineapple with his morning and evening meal for the bromelain - which has seemed to help somewhat. There are days he regurges and days he does not. His pooh is fine. They are both o a raw diet, and get salmon oil, along with a vitamin E, and longevity in their food, Lila also gets 2 curcumin and synflex.
Lila my female has fatty tumors, she is also on a raw diet. I feel that she needs something to better metabolize her food. She will have pooh that is fine and then food that is formed but soft. I am trying to keep her fatty tumors from getting any larger.
Neither are overweight. Lila has been through a lot of surgeries, both elbows, both knee's.
So if anyone has a suggestion on what I can do to help my "kids" I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank-you for any and all help

NancyJ 05-02-2014 11:02 AM

Obviously your dog has its own issues and I have no insight on acid reflux other than personally, I felt the drugs caused more problems than they fixed and I went to managing the foods I ate and the time I ate them.

My dog has some issues with getting a really firm stool but part of it to me is the volume of food he eats..... but no other issues. I have given kefir but it did not resolve that.

My veterinarian gave me this which you can order online at a better price and it seems to work real well and has excellent reviews everywhere. Picked up a stool and, oh my, it had no real odor. Between that and the prozyme I give all seems pretty good.

Proviable DC for Dogs

SharonH 05-02-2014 11:15 AM

I did try to take Tommy off the prilosec and just go with natural supplements but within 2 days he was having major issues, and it became apparent that his health would suffer drastically. To add to that, I would love for him to be off the prilosec, I do try to go the holistic approach, but I also realize that there is a time and place for conventional medicine if a suitable holistic approach is not available, or just not apparent for the time being. I know that acid reflux can also be tied to his hypothyroidism, which after tests is what my vet feels is the case. Unfortunately sometimes we just don't know what causes these things to occur, we just have to manage the best we can.
I have seen many people on here mention Prozyme, that is one thing I have not tried and am thinking of trying.

Thanks for your help

kbella999 05-02-2014 01:22 PM

Wow, I've been through some of the same things as you have. I second the Proviable DC. I'm using it and can tell a difference between other probiotics that I have tried. You can get it on Amazon for a decent price.

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