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emilybyrne 04-22-2014 09:15 PM

Help! Not eating
My GSD Chai is only a year and a half. She has discospondilytis and is on two antibiotics, for about two months now. She was a picky eater before but would usually break down and eat whatever I gave her. I tried to mix up what I gave her so she didn't get bored.

For the last couple weeks she hasn't been eating hardly anything. I thought maybe I needed to mix it up more so I started cooking up liver. That worked for a week, but I didn't want her to have problems because of excess Vitamin A so tried to change again. She would eat cooked chicken one time or two and then stop. Same with ground beef and ham. I have tried different types of canned dog and cat food. I have tried adding oil, broth, cheese, salt. I tried chicken nuggets and meatballs (meatballs worked for awhile). I have tried leaving the food out hoping she would get so hungry she'd break down and eat but she just ended up being so weak she could hardly walk. I can sometimes get her to eat hand fed dry cat food. I have even tried giving her Benedryl which can increase appetite in dogs but that didn't make any difference. She only eats about a half a cup of food total a day,and that's doing good.

I am at my whits end. She doesn't even want to walk anymore because she is so weak. I took her off the pain medication she was on thinking that was making her nauseous but that hasn't helped. She doesn't seem to be in pain anyway.

Any ideas? I am calling the vet tomorrow but thought I would get some other opinions too.

SusiQ 04-23-2014 09:52 AM

For now, I'd try a tube of Nutrical for dogs - have her lick it off your fingers if necessary - it is high calorie, vitamin rich and has been known to bring extremely sick undernourished dogs back from the brink. I used it on my female post jaw cancer surgery and it helped her gain back her weight. I would definitely make a trip to the vet.

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