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Glenfiddich 04-18-2014 05:29 PM

[b][u]dog food pick one from list[/u][/b]
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Hi everybody summer is coming and here in Greece the weather is really hot and i want to change my dog food to something less in protein etc... i have attached a pic with the list i made about the dog foods that i liked most and i can get (crazy me lol!). i haven't put orijen because as i said before it 's too much for my boy.. Morpheus has also hip dysplasia and must stay under 40 kilos (he is about 75 cm tall!) so i calculated that he needs about 1539kcal per day. Right now i m giving him Nutram grain free, first in the list.. what would you choose?? HELP!
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mego 04-18-2014 05:36 PM

I dont know some of those foods and don't want to "pick one" for you, but I will tell you we feed Acana Pacifica here and it gives great results. Nutram looks like a pretty good food though

I also do a joint supplement that was for humans, may help with HD. It was about 5 USD and lasts a long time.

wyoung2153 04-18-2014 05:41 PM

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the only one I have experience in feeding is Fromm and I loved it for Titan.. he was allergic to it so we switched, or he'd still be eating it. More energy, better skin/fur, and just plain happy to eat kibble which was a rarety at the time.

shaner 04-19-2014 01:13 PM

Acana, any flavour

Pax8 04-19-2014 08:51 PM

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