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waabooshi 03-30-2014 04:08 AM

Raw fed & Malnutrition
Hello people!
My dog seems to have stopped growing up. She's just the size when she was 4 mounths old.
I have a nine mounths old GS. I got her when she was about one mounth old (maybe few days short), and at the time she was sick and underweight. I'm guessing she didn't had much nutrition as a puppy.
As for genetics, she's damnn well sure a GS. Her ears were up when i got her, which is really strange (I even have the pictures to prove this).
And i feed my dog mostly raw. Beef, lamb; along with bones, heart, liver and such. And don't worry about the meat quality; where i live, there's no such thing as a Mass Macdonald's Slaughter House. I introduced her to raw at 3 mounths old; so that's a one month of malnutrition and another one on kibbles before turning to raw.
The reason was because i met some people with two Awesome looking GS's. Those guys imported those dogs from Germany, and told me my puppy was skinny and frail, and that she'll grow up to be a short and small GS. Now, since i rescued her, all i did was brought her up as good as i can. So, i turned to raw, and by that time she was soo very reluctant to eat kibbles (believe me!) and i also tried Omega3 and vitamins (which she still takes).
So, it could be the genes or the malnutrition, or my feeding that's why my dog looks like a five mounth old GS, eventhough she's nine.
I personally really don't mind her size. I love her. And she being small makes me love her more. But it's just odd, i think. There's a another girl GS, a mounth younger than my girl. Would you believe that one, whos eats kibbles (and has not so nice fur) is actually noticeably bigger than my girl!
I'm just curious. Share some thoughts, and ask questions as you please.

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