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Nikkia 03-14-2014 01:15 AM

Hair loss, itching and lots of gas in multiple dogs suspecting the food
I have both of my girls on Costco's Kirkland lamb and rice dog food. Nikkia has been eating it for years and Kavik has been eating it since I got her last August so about 6 months. Both have been fine until now.

It started within the last 2 bags.

Nikkia started getting really gassy I've been popping gas-x pills into her for the last 2 bags. Poor thing is miserable. Especially considering she is scared to death of her own farts.

Kavik has also been experiencing problems the last 2 bags. She started losing hair. I wasn't worried at first because she was just losing undercoat and I thought it was a normal spring shed. But her undercoat is gone now and she just keeps losing more and more fur. If I even lightly pull back on her fur I will get a handful of coarse top coat which IS NOT normal for her.

My mom also feeds her papillons the same brand. When I was talking to her the other day she told me that one of her girls has become EXTREMELY itchy lately. And her other has acted uncomfortable.

But my brother who feeds his lab the same brand reported that his dog was fine. Although his ears had seemed a bit itchier as of late.

Anyone else having any problems? Know if they've tweeked their formula? Etc... I'm not trying to bash the food we enjoyed it until now but with all of these dogs having issues I can't help but to suspect

Oh and I am thinking of switching does anyone have any good affordable suggestions? I'd feed raw but just can't afford it right now.

I did complain to our local costco about the problems with the first bag so they gave us the second but they are almost done with it and are still having problems.

Heidigsd 03-14-2014 10:40 AM

I don't feed kibble but take a look at some of these reviews:
Top 26 Complaints and Reviews about Kirkland Pet Foods

DHau 03-23-2014 05:43 AM

Call the customer service hotline and ask if changes were made to the formula. In any case, I would switch foods because of the problems.

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