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RavenFolley 03-08-2014 10:15 AM

Vicious cycle?
Hi all, new here but after some advice for my bitch GSD who is almost 3 now. Just not sure where to start, all the problems we're having feels like a vicious cycle!

Raven is long-haired and full breed, as she's a bitch she's not a large GSD and has always been on the slim side.

I can't pinpoint when the problems started but it was over a year ago.

1). Ear infections - she has an ear infection in one or both ears almost constantly. For this she has ear wash and Surolan drops from the vet. I'm told this is a breed trait and there's nothing I can do apart from keep her ears as clean as possible and keep going with the drops (£££).

2). The vet has also told me that Raven is allergen sensitive. This came about after I took her in with itchy skin. She's scratching herself quite a lot and her flea and worm treatments are up to date so we ruled that out. He suggested Piriton anti allergy tablets three times a day. These make her very drowsy unfortunately. He also suggested dry food only a sensitive brand but this appears to have made no difference at all and see been on it for months now.

3). Because she's on just dry food which she isn't very interested in she's underweight too.

4). She seems quite susceptible to an upset stomach too which could all be related.

I want to put her back on meat to get her weight back up but need a decent sensitive brand?

Any advice on the above points would be great, thanks.


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RavenFolley 03-08-2014 10:17 AM

Forgot to mention she's shedding all year round too. I have a feeling this is linked to her skin problems but can't be sure. She used to have an oil in her food which helped with the shedding but now she doesn't have that because it upset her stomach.

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my boy diesel 03-08-2014 11:05 AM

carmspack 03-08-2014 11:14 AM

for the ears order yourself some zymox , better than surolan.

get a grain free diet - low fibre , low cellulose - some kibble have some surprising binding ingredients which the dog just can not digest including hydrolized feathers and wood pulp

get decent omega 3 rich oil

get a decent digestive enzyme , and a probiotic -

Dogs Naturally Magazine constantly has articles - in fact this months magazine features

Supplementing Kibble


Natural solutions for Fleas

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