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lennyb 02-27-2014 09:01 PM

Dried pig ears??
We started giving our two GSD's dried large pig ears as treats and they love them. Its like dog crack. My question is are they OK, I don't want to give them anything that may harm them. And if not any ideas on good treats (preferably all natural).

Lucy Dog 02-27-2014 09:08 PM

They're really fatty and I'd be careful of where they're sourced from. Don't feed anything from China. I wouldn't give them as an every day treat. Just something every once in a while.

Saphire 02-27-2014 09:12 PM

I would stop feeding those. Dangerous preservatives, Salmonella and questionable sources are just a few of the risks associated with dried pigs ears.

Raw turkey necks and raw knuckle bones are great.

lennyb 02-27-2014 10:59 PM

Any ideas about dried treats? I think they really like the jerky/crunchy/chewy texture of them. We have a grocery store here that sells all kinds of necks/feet/bones/etc.. I'll be buying some neck bones tomorrow.. No more pig ears for them.

blackshep 02-27-2014 11:22 PM

I buy from a company called Nothing Added. They are dehydrated (no preservatives), locally sourced and the drums are cut off so they aren't greasy at all. They are fine, but get them from a good supplier. I give them to my dog all the time. Look for dehydrated raw suppliers. Definitely steer clear of anything from China

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