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andyslastbeer 02-08-2014 01:16 PM

Auto Waterer Safe for Dogs?
I bought a rather large automatic waterer from Wal-Mart for my 2 dogs. I notice after a day or 2 it starts to smell really weird. Like stagnant water. Which, obviously, is what it happens to be. Is this water ok for dogs to drink?

juliejujubean 02-08-2014 01:18 PM

What do you mean by automatic waterer?

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andyslastbeer 02-08-2014 01:22 PM

MiaMoo 02-08-2014 01:33 PM

We got one for Mia and she refused to drink out of it.

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TAR HEEL MOM 02-08-2014 07:38 PM

I have a 3 gallon one for my two dogs. I have noticed that there are times that some mold will start to grow around the lid and in the bowl if I don't clean it and refill it often. I have started adding a couple of teaspoons of a/c vinegar to the water and it seems to stay fresh much longer and prevents any mold. I think it's really important to wash it thoroughly each time you refill. I am on city water which can smell funky at times and then smell over-chlorinated at times.

doggiedad 02-08-2014 09:54 PM

i think his food and water bowl ls 2quarts. i leave his water
full at all times. he drinks as he wish.

juliejujubean 02-08-2014 11:07 PM

We used to have one of those for our two but it took forever to clean it after every use. Gunk would form, luckily never mold. So we bought an oversized stainless steel bowl instead. It needs to be filled more often but it takes much less time to clean :-)

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