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farnln 01-20-2014 01:48 PM

Salmon skin ok?
I am cooking a large amount of fresh wild caught salmon today for my dog today.

I plan to to put all of the meat, plus the cooking water, in the blender (paranoid of bones, even soft ones).

Is there any reason that I need to remove the skin?


happyblond 01-20-2014 03:10 PM

I dont like salmon but my mum and sister eat it quite regularly and the dog always get leftover skin and they have never had any problems with it

JakodaCD OA 01-20-2014 04:16 PM

I work at a fish market:)

I don't particularly like the bones either, and remove them..YES, cook it up (pacific salmon carries a parasite),,throw it all in the blender with the juice (I poach it up and keep the juices as well).. Skin is good but I do find mashing it up is best vs throwing them a whole skin..

NJDobbie 01-20-2014 04:23 PM

Yes the skin is great, in fact if you see a food list "salmon meal", that is mostly skin and salmon organs. Labeling rules do not require fish ingredients to be labled as "by-products".

_Zero_ 01-20-2014 06:15 PM

Skin is fine-- quite good for them, as long as it's boiled/blended. I have some friends who have had issues giving their dogs smoked salmon skins (tougher and difficult to break down in the gut) but my guy loves skin from a fresh grilled fish, canned salmon, or boiled salmon.

farnln 01-20-2014 06:54 PM

Great! I cooked it and put it (skin & all) into a blender-
with the cooking water and divided it up into 1 cup portions in freezer bags. I also cooked a dozen portions of ground venison today.
Yesterday I did 15 bags of rabbit.
I like having a variety already to go in the freezer! :)

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