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torilovesgsds 01-18-2014 09:53 AM

Picky Eater or Clueless Owner
Fynn is two. We've tried a variety of foods (mostly grain-free formulas). He seems to be disinterested in the kibble and will "succumb" to eating only if I use a topper (cheese, yogurt, etc.).

After reading various threads, I notice some GSDs can be picky eaters. But am I being played for topper or when is the time to try another kibble until we find something he really gets excited about.

Just background: I've had dogs prior but this is my first GSD. My previous dogs seem to live for meal time. Fynn is just shy of being underweight. While the vet is not concerned (she seems to think he will put on weight as he gets older and would rather him be lean than overweight), it's an issue for me because he just doesn't eat.

I know there's a discipline factor involved, i.e. if he gets hungry enough, he will eat. But if it's something I can work on, I'd like him to be comfortable.

I'm open to spending more money for foods so I welcome any suggestions. Absent going RAW, I'll entertain any thoughts. By the way, the other threads have been extremely helpful--thanks!

Nigel 01-18-2014 11:50 AM

We just use toppers, shredded & cottage cheese, canned DF, hamburger, whatever they like. Mine will eat it without anything added no problem, but they enjoy it so why not. We don't add much, maybe a couple large spoonfuls. We feed NV instinct and earthborne Great Plains. I'd like to try Honest Kitchen, but with our current budget and feeding three, we'll have to wait a bit. Lots of choices out there, good luck.

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