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blackgermanshepherdSgsd 01-16-2014 07:41 PM

Best food to feed a 7 month old GSD puppy?
I'm on a tighter budget and am looking for a good food within the 30-45$ price range. He is a working line 7 month old gsd. Any help is appreciated. The breeders have him on purina one puppy but I'm not so sure about that food.


Thewretched 01-16-2014 08:21 PM

Fromm 4 star, about 60 a bag for 33 pounds of food that they need less of, if you want about 50 for 30 pounds, Taste of the wild.

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shepherdmom 01-16-2014 10:04 PM

I've read TOTW is kind of high in calcium for a lg breed pup. Diamond Naturals makes a large breed puppy food. 34.99 a bag around here.

Thewretched 01-16-2014 10:25 PM

1.5 is the caution ratio and it has 1.4

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havery 01-20-2014 09:29 AM

If you have a tractor supply near you, their brand, 4health, is made by and very similar to diamond naturals, but is only $35 for a 40# bag. The grain free is a little more, I think $40. Both of mine do great on the lamb & rice formula, but I know a lot of dogs and owners prefer the chicken.

GSDNVR 01-21-2014 10:27 AM

My pup has thrived on:

Orijen large breed puppy and
Fromm large breed puppy

I will probably switch him to acana wild prairie next as it's ca:p ratio and total is lower than the orijen

There is just something about orijen that exudes quality. The food is denser for sure, an orijen kibble has more heft to it it than a grain based kennel like Fromm. Also the yard waste is much less with orijen which leads me to believe they are using more of the food. I do feed slightly less orijen because it's more calorically dense.

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