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lindadrusilla 01-13-2014 04:31 AM

My dog is not interested in his food...
Magick is fed once a day, 3 cups of kibbles + half kg raw meat. When its feeding time, he'd finish his food but he doesn't seem very interested when called for food.

Is that weird?

2 days ago, he only ate the meat and didn't finish his kibbles. So I fed him only kibbles without the meat so that he'll not make it a habit. He does eat his kibbles without the meat though.. Its just that I find it weird that he doesn't seem very interested in his food.

Any ideas?


Momto2GSDs 01-13-2014 09:00 AM

Hi lindadrucilla!
I had to smile when I read this.....sorry!;)

This would be like me being a "Choco-holic" and setting a saltine cracker and a piece of warm chocolate cake with warm hot fudge poured over the top, in front of me! I'd eat the chocolate cake first, then wouldn't want the tasteless cracker! LOL!:D

Great job feeding some raw in his diet if you can't go total raw! Since there is only about a 2% difference between wolves and dogs, the raw meat is what most dogs would want!

I would feed the kibble for his morning meal and then the raw meat for his night meal to help with this situation.


lindadrusilla 01-17-2014 02:02 PM

Thanks moms!

I used to feed him twice a day but since 6 mths he refused to eat in the morning. Maybe cos we just finished exercising? Beats me.

Anyway, i now feed him 2 cups of kibbles at night then upon finishing it, his reward is the raw meat! With another cup of kibbles mixed into it..

So far so good. He seems to understand that. Cos after finishing the kibbles, he wanted in his spot where i usually put him while i prepare the meat.

I still find it weird that he's not excited when i tell him its feeding time! He used to run up & down when i say "who's a hungry boy..." Now he just looks at me. Maybe thinking "just feed me!" ???

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