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Jackthelad 12-24-2013 05:54 PM

Advice needed
Can anyone tell me what protein content is best for 11month old GSD
I am currently on a hypoallergenic dry dog food that has been made up by a nutritionalist and have noticed he is hyper these last couple of weeks. The protein is 27% is this to high for him.? Can anyone help as I'm at the end of my tether lol. He gets 3 hours a day of exercise. I don't know how to calm him down lately. Any advice would be much appreciated.

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My5dogs 12-24-2013 08:48 PM

What food? Depends on food you are feeding.

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Jackthelad 12-25-2013 04:27 PM

It's called Betty & butch hypoallergenic dry kibble.

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mcdanfam 12-25-2013 07:03 PM has he been neutered? If not....he maybe coming into some hormones and testosterone. Out male went from being super laid back to crazy and spastic (energy level only not attitude)....about 11 months old. He really needed more than play and little training. He wanted to work for hours a day. I bought a few different puzzles to hide treats in and food in....after 30 mins and mastering the new puzzles, I started hiding the puzzles with food...we started tracking and also some agility work in the woods. He has been much happier and sleeps when we walk in the house now.
He is on orijen dog food...all natural ingredients and grain free. Very high protein but if they work a lot and play hard they need that to build muscle.

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mcdanfam 12-25-2013 07:05 PM

Our trainer said our male has tons of work drive...if you don't give him a job he will find one. You maybe facing what we are....high work, high play, high prey drive....:-)

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Jackthelad 12-26-2013 04:59 AM

Yes he has been neutered. And runs around the fields with his doggy friends for an hour & a half in the morning and again at tea time. But still comes home all hyped up and ready for more. I will have to get more imaginative with his play at home in the garden with toys and stuff. Any ideas would be great. Thanks for your advice.

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mcdanfam 12-26-2013 06:48 AM

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We do tracking inside and out of the house, hide and seek with our kids, I will put all of the pups favorite toys under a laundry basket and place things on top...takes a few mins of thinking but they get them, hiding treats through out the house...their noses work all day and when they pass a treat they start sniffing, the treat puzzles are great...if you can find them online....the pieces slide to reveal food...they have to use nose, feet, brain it wears them out!!!
Soccer seems to really wipe ours out. We go to the soccer field, with oneworldfutbol only soccer ball tent have not destroyed kick it as hard as you can a few times....we also use the jolly balls for horses they are heavy and the dogs like squishing them. A buggie whip (from tractor supply) with a burlap bag tied to the end...great for chasing, grabbing and tug. Ours LOVE this game. The best thing we did was teach (place) inside the house. When they are roaming are being edgy we tell then place and they know it is time to chill. They are officially learning to turn it on and off!!! They turned a year old the end of October. When they find a place, we will give kong toys with frozen peanutbutter for them to focus on....that works well...lot of work to get all the peanutbutter from inside a medium size kong....even harder when it is frozen. Takes them about 30-35 mins to empty the kong. They also have a three armed toy you can put treats in and the pups have to work the treats out. So many cool options to wear them out in the house. We also go hiking a lot....they love to work....climbing boulders, crossing beams, finding balls in the woods, splashing in the water....:-)
Good luck....this is a tough time to find enough to keep them busy!!!!Attachment 154114Attachment 154122Attachment 154130Attachment 154138

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mcdanfam 12-26-2013 06:56 AM

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Puzzles...Attachment 154146local agility place, we rent the fields out...they are reasonable...
I will try to find a pic or web address for the girls tossed the boxes after the opened the puzzles. We bought them from a local petstore that specializes in working dog entertainment....:-) we do have to be near...I think their jaws could destroy the puzzles if they so decided to.

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Jackthelad 12-26-2013 09:56 AM

Thanks for all your great ideas mcdamfan. They sound brilliant. Will have to find an agility class for him and some puzzle toys. He has a kong but I didn't know he could eat peanut butter so I'll defiantly try that too. Wish I had woods near me coz that would be fun. I'll just have to work on what's available to me. But thanks again, their is some great ideas that I can do in your list. I'm so very grateful.

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mcdanfam 12-26-2013 03:17 PM

Nina ottosson is the maker if the dog puzzles....the website is

Our pups love it....we don't let them have a lot but the love the small amounts they get....if you have different treats that will stay wedged inside in order to make your pup really work to get it can always do the treats you have. Special days....I give them huge chunks of boiled chicken breast....they work hard to get that out!!!
Hopefully you find something on the website your furbaby will enjoy!
The agility class....great idea! I can't tell you how much our dogs love climbing and jumping! They switch gears, the facial expression changes and they whine and mumble while waiting for their turn!!! If you have a dock dogs club close to you....great fun for them...our pups love swimming! Also....if you have time...a trainer that specializes in gsd...working dog training. We go every Saturday morning! The pups wake soooo excited on Saturday and are so excited until we get out at the trainers! He teaches some agility, real world agility like the woods, tracking, obedience, and protection. These dogs LOVE LOVE LOVE to work. I never thought they would want and enjoy working the way they do! Miles the male, is just as happy to guard the car while I get grocery sir go to the bank. Anything to make him think he is working.

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