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von Bolen 01-14-2013 04:19 AM

My current food issues
So after a long time of using 4Health(made by Tractor Supply) that i buy at Del's Feed, I've had to switch brands. For the last 4-5 months on and off, my adult Gshep's had been having short, mild bouts of diarrhea. 4Health reported no other reports of such issues, but I know my dogs have not had worms and am good at keeping them from drinking or eating what they shouldn't. The deciding factor was with my current 1st litter. The puppy food by 4Health, I believe, is just too rich and the kibbles are nearly the same size as the adult kibbles and very hard. I was having to put the food through a processor and softening up the food with the milk replacement formula. Now, with 11 puppies, that was very time consuming and in general an un-needed hassle. That, and the pups kept getting very loose stools that just wouldn't subside.

So while not finding anything better within my price range at Petsmart/co, I was looking around Dels Feed and discovered Diamond. The ingrediants check out as far as I can tell and so far, everyone seems to be very happy with it and the stools are looking great! Plus, the price for this food is well within my budget expenditures.

Anyone have an opinion on the comparison between these two foods?

On that note, anyone else a bit taken aback that a brand like Nutro is so high in Corn?

NancyJ 01-14-2013 06:55 AM

Diamond makes 4Health. ........... Nutro has corn free options

von Bolen 01-14-2013 07:01 AM


Originally Posted by jocoyn (Post 2732050)
Diamond makes 4Health. ........... Nutro has corn free options

This, I have just learned only after posting this! Hahaha!

But regardless, the dogs are all doing better on Diamond.

As far as Nutro goes, im knee deep in related horror stories. Think ill keep them at a distance.

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