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buttoned_up 06-07-2014 08:27 PM

Helping a small female grow bigger? (7 pounds at 11 wks?)
I have an 11 week old GSD female, who currently weighs 7.1 lbs. From what I've read, it seems like she should be bigger than that at her age. She eats plenty and is in good shape proportionally, and the vet has pronounced her healthy, she was just the runt of a rather large litter (10 pups). I know that being the runt, or smaller than average doesn't necessarily indicate how big she will be as an adult, but I was wondering if there was anything I could add to her diet that would ensure that she grows up healthy, strong and to her full potential weight?

This is my first time raising a German Shepherd pup, and I want to make sure I'm getting her everything she needs!

Sabis mom 06-07-2014 09:02 PM

That is pretty small, are you sure of her age?

That aside, healthy is healthy. As long as she is getting the calories and nutrients that she needs, she will grow as she should.

Shadow is an average size female,62-65 lbs and at 12 weeks or so she weighed 17.5 lbs. But at 15-18 days she weighed just under a pound and at 6 weeks she only weighed 5 lbs. If your pup had a rough start she may take some time to catch up, or she may just be a little girl. Avoid overfeeding as this will not help, she is going to be exactly what she should.

Sunflowers 06-07-2014 09:15 PM

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Feedsentials has everything a GSD needs.
Feed-Sentials Nutritional Supplement

MaggieRoseLee 06-08-2014 10:43 AM

Can you post pictures? Do you have her paperwork so KNOW her age? How many weeks have you owned her? Runts frequently grow up to be normal size but with normal food cause it's GENETICS that will affect this.

What are you feeding?

buttoned_up 06-08-2014 05:04 PM

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According to the breeder (and her AKC registration, and the contract I signed with him, and her puppy aptitude test, and her health records) she was born March 19th of this year. I got her about two weeks ago, over Memorial Day weekend. I saw the rest of the litter - they were bigger than her, but the size difference between them was not THAT drastic. Also the mother and father were about average size for GSD (somewhere in the 70 lbs ballpark).

I'm currently feeding her Lamaderm puppy formula - I don't really think it is necessarily the best for her and I am thinking of changing it, but it came highly recommended by my family, so I thought I'd give it a shot. If you have any brand suggestions, I'd definitely welcome those - it can be difficult to weed through the various conflicting sources on which types of food are best for which breeds/ages etc.

I'm attaching two photos, both taken today. Attachment 215266Attachment 215274

lalachka 06-08-2014 05:18 PM

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She's adorable!!!!! Yeah small but give her some time. And as someone mentioned, don't overfeed. All that will accomplish is her getting fat which is bad for them.

I'd say raw lol but I always say that. I love raw.

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ZoeD1217 06-08-2014 05:22 PM

She is so freaking adorable! !

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Ace GSD 06-08-2014 05:29 PM

The one inside the crate !!! She looks like a fox heheh cute

Sabis mom 06-08-2014 05:32 PM

She is adorable!

She is small but give her some time. I don't know where you are but I feed First Mate and I love it. Canadian company, been around for a while, upfront about sources and most are local, no recalls ever. I've also heard good things about Fromm.

buttoned_up 06-08-2014 05:55 PM

Thank you all so much! Your replies have been really helpful. At the end of the day, I chose her for her personality, not her size, so I'll love her no matter how big she gets. I just wanted to make sure there was nothing to be concerned about :).

I'm in New Orleans, so I might not be able to get the Canadian stuff, but I'll look in to Fromm. Also, I don't know much about raw feeding, but I'll do some research!

Thanks again!

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