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Anjazell 04-14-2014 09:30 PM

Socialization and getting used to other dogs
Hello everyone so I'm set to pick which puppy I would like on April 22! and I receive her on the 25th!

They're going to be 8 weeks.
I was talking to the lady that I'm buying her from and she said that my puppy will come with the first deworming and her first set of shots. I'm super excited to get her but the lady said I can't take her for walks outside my street and she can have no contact with other dogs until shes had her third set of shots when shes a few months old because she can get a parasite or something from another dog and die within 2 days..

I want my puppy to be socialized at a young age because of my younger brothers and I want to take her eventually to a park near by for me and her to play.

What do you guys think?

kjdreyer 04-14-2014 09:51 PM

Hi, how great that you're thinking about how to do stuff right for your pup! :D

I constantly trot this link out when anybody asks about socialization, because I wish so much I had read it before I got my puppy! Since learning more, I don't see socialization as having a puppy or dog that wants to socialize with everybody and everydog. I now try to see it more as early exposure to all kinds of activities and noises and environments, and letting the puppy be comfortable and maintain focus on me. This helped me so much:

Leerburg | Socializing Puppies

The most valuable takeaway for me was to really pay attention to how my puppy was reacting. If she was avoiding or tucking tail or trying to get away, we were WAY to close for her. Watching things from a distance, i.e., kids on the swings at a park, and taking however long it took to decrease distance and keep her interested but not overwhelmed was key. I didn't do this carefully enough with other dogs, and we had to work through some fear aggression.

Good luck and have fun!

gurlonfire2004 04-14-2014 11:48 PM

It is important to not take your puppy to places where other dogs frequent (or if you do, don't let the puppy touch the ground). Your puppy can contract Parvo and become seriously ill. German shepherds are more susceptible to Parvo. Your dog can still have lots of social experiences without running around parks and greeting other dogs.

MaggieRoseLee 04-15-2014 11:45 AM

You need to use your common sense when socializing your puppy before all the shots are done. Puppy classes are ideal because it's a controlled environment full of other responsible pet owner like you.

Can't wait and isolate our pups until all the shots are done or you may be in big trouble with fear issues.

K9POPPY 04-15-2014 02:02 PM

You have been given some good advice, don't take your pet around until it's had its shots (YOUR VET WILL ADVISE).And yes, please check out the suggested Leerburg video on puppies, it's highly recommended! This will fill you in on socialization. IMHO, BOB

sourdough44 04-17-2014 05:48 AM

Same here, the breeder wanted us to limit any exposure until the vaccines took effect, weeks or more. As posted, I'd try exposure to different things without other dogs in the picture at 1st. Later on go to a 'German Shepherd' puppy class. They understand the breed and WILL be helpful.

Baleato 05-14-2014 10:10 PM

Black and tan dogs such as German shepherds are more susceptible to parvovirus and parvovirus can survive for years in the soil, and other dark moist environments. It's a really tough virus and hard to get rid of.

Suss out your local puppy pre-schools and enroll in a class, so that you get great socialisation during that critical period. You can take your puppy to the park so that they get used to the sounds and sights but as others said don't put it down! Or if you feel like taking the risk (survival rate of parvo is approx 50%) avoiding areas other dogs poo (it is spread through faeces). One particularly dedicated owner I saw put their dog crate on wheels so that they could take their puppy lots of places but not have to carry it!

The link below is a great discussion from 4 veterinarians about balancing disease control with the importance of early socialization.

Early puppy socialization classes: Weighing the risks vs. benefits - Veterinary Medicine

nezzz 05-14-2014 11:08 PM

You can use this time that the pup needs for her vaccines to stay at home and bond with the family. There is always time to teach it how it can behave in and around the house. Which is more important than socialising than stranger's dogs.

If you really want your dogs to socialise with other dogs, then perhaps instead of socialising with stranger's dogs at the dog park you could ask your neighbour if your pup can come over for play dates. But do check that your neighbour's pets and home are clean and the pets have had their shots.

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