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LoveDogs 03-18-2014 10:56 PM

He always goes for the butt
During play time during puppy socialization class my puppy (almost 10 weeks old) seems to just watch and sometimes play. I don't mind him watching the other puppies because they come up to him and just try to play with him but he just sit there (not hide) until they pounce away. The other puppies pounce away and my pup chases their butt and bites it, then comes back to me and sits down like nothing happened. Then he waits again. If the other puppy catches mine in the act, they play for a little bit then he comes back to me and watches some more. He is the smallest puppy there and the other dogs are littermates (except a new dog that started tonight) and they tend to play rough.

The trainer has us then do some very basic obedience. He'll follow every command, he'll do fantastically. Tonight the trainer made a comment on how my puppy really seems to catch on fast and how he seems to really enjoy it. He does really like it, he will do just about anything for a treat or belly rub. The class was exceptionally hyper tonight by puppy standards and all the puppies got a toy when they got unruly except mine. Mine just sits and listens while watching the trainer demonstrate what to do, almost too calmly.

I'm not super concerned on the obedience portion but the play portion bothers me. Shouldn't he want to play instead of stay by me? I mean, I'm glad he likes me but I want him to be a puppy too.

What sort of gesture is butt biting? I never had a dog bite other dog's butts.

SunCzarina 03-18-2014 11:02 PM

LOL young herder overlord. Venus never really played with the other dogs in her puppy class. Some of them she liked to socialize with but play, no, that was beneath the goddess. As an older puppy, she didn't really like other dogs staring at her. Which progressed into ;hey are you looking at ME?' At 14 months now, we've worked hard on her ignoring other dogs. She really doesn't like them except for her housemate Otto and this teenage male husky that lives a couple blocks up, he stares at her and she lets him, still haven't figured out what that's all about.

DellaWrangler 03-20-2014 02:12 PM


Originally Posted by SunCzarina (Post 5227090)
and this teenage male husky that lives a couple blocks up, he stares at her and she lets him, still haven't figured out what that's all about.

And they called it puppy love...:rolleyes:

K9POPPY 03-20-2014 05:33 PM

I wouldn't worry too much about the playing, I had one that could care less about other playmates, loved being close to me, turned out to be the best dog imaginable. Then again, some dogs just take a while longer to interact with others and sometime do funny things like butt biting- they are all different, just like children! Enjoy the puppiness now, it passes pretty quickly!:) Bob

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