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BriskaBoo13 03-10-2014 02:29 PM

My girl is 11 months old and yesterday after I gave her a bath (so she was wet) I put her on a stay upstairs so I could get down first and make sure she didn't go down and use my furniture as a towel lol, well I got downstairs, released her and she came down the stair at 1000 miles an hour, hit the linoleum, slipped, slammed her hip, then me and knocked my feet out from under me and I fell knees first into her backend. She got up just fine and went out and pottied (squatted) with no visible issues. And she didn't limp at all the rest of the day.

My question is has anyone had a pup get injured like this and still have no issues with their hips. I just don't want that to have been something that she will then be diagnosed with HD when I get her hips tested at 24 months. TIA

Zeeva 03-10-2014 03:13 PM

I hope someone else chimes in but from what I understand HD is genetic? I don't believe (?) an injury would accelerate it or cause it, but I'm a bit unsure...

Either way, just keep an eye on her. Any sign of pain, limping, etc and it should be off to the vet.

I know sometimes puppies get the zoomies after (and sometimes before too) a bath...

BriskaBoo13 03-10-2014 03:26 PM

You are right, it is genetic, but sometimes I think a jarring injury can cause a shift which might lead to HD problems. I appreciate you reminding me that it is genetic though. I was honestly forgetting it is mostly genetic, I was just stressing lol. I think it hurt me more than it did her but I am not a small woman so I was like :shocked: hehehe Hopefully she won't have an injury from it but she is moving fine still :o

Lilie 03-10-2014 03:50 PM

Running and slipping like that can cause ACL injuries. Something that I personally suffered so I'm careful for that.

With an accident such as you described, I'd be more concerned with ACL injuries or spinal injuries.

BriskaBoo13 03-10-2014 03:56 PM

Okay, so ACL is a muscle or tendon injury, right? Sorry, I should google it. But is there something I need to watch for to make sure I didn't injure her in that way? Like would she be limping or favoring a certain leg? Thanks!

middleofnowhere 03-10-2014 04:06 PM

If you are worried about it, take her to the vet. We can't say one way or another via email and make any sense.

Lilie 03-10-2014 04:11 PM


Originally Posted by middleofnowhere (Post 5169329)
If you are worried about it, take her to the vet. We can't say one way or another via email and make any sense.

This is very true. And there could be degrees of injury or your pup may have a high pain tolerance - my boy sliced the pad of his paw and I would never have known had he not left a significant amount of blood on my floor.

You could call your vet, describe what happened. Let them mark it on his charts so the vet can be aware to check it during your next visit. Or your vet may want you to come in just to check him.

jafo220 03-10-2014 04:52 PM

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Rocky my late GSD tore or stretched the ligments in his front ankles so bad that his dewpads would almost touch the ground while standing. His age did'nt help but the damage was caused by leaping off the staircase about 5 steps up to the floor bellow. The floor is concrete under the carpet. He was 95 to 100 lbs. and was alerted to someone at the door.

Cruz my current GSD has fall backwards down the same stairs. Crazy. He went to sit and his bum missed the landing and away he went. All I could do was freak out and watch.

Stairs arw dangerous for animals as well as us. I try to stay close to them and control thier speed going up and down them. If I didn't, Cruz would wind up gimp, he likes to shoot up and down stairs when he's excited.

BriskaBoo13 03-10-2014 04:54 PM

Okay. I'll just watch and see what she does in the next day or so. I can't ever get into my vets the same week no matter what the problem is (had my min pin start having seizures and wasn't able to get in for 5 days, also she stopped eating and was super lethargic) so that is why I asked here hoping to get some insight as to if I should worry about damaging her or not.

Harry and Lola 03-10-2014 04:56 PM

A dog needs to have the HD gene. However if the gene is present, then environmental issues can assist to develop the dysplasia such as being over weight, hard jumps etc.

Check her pedigree, if generations have low scores for both HD and ED then she will most likely not be a candidate for developing dysplasia.

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