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Contego 03-03-2014 05:19 PM

Another weight/size and sleep question...
I know everyone is concerned about whether their pup weighs enough and is tall enough... but my concern is more that he isn't broadening at all. He's very narrow and very lean. He's four months old today and when I weighed him about two weeks ago he was only 20lbs. I'm planning to weigh him again today and see where he's at. He's had some health issues but I was really prepared for my puppy to grow like a weed. My vet has said not to be concerned but I really thought he would be growing a little more. some days he seems ok, just kind of lean and a day or two later he seems timy and like his ribs and hips are showing too much. Is there anything I can do to put some meat on his bones? he's a finnicky eater. Some days he chows and other days I'm doing good to get him to eat a bowl of food by the end of the day.

Also, what's your experience with the activity level? Some days he seems sleepy and others he's wild off the chain ALL DAY LONG. And then this weekend he never really played all that much, but he did spend more time outside with our big dogs for longer than usual. But it seemed like he slept the whole weekend when he was inside with us. Any thoughts? Does the play/sleep routine vary with your puppy?

brembo 03-03-2014 05:26 PM

GSDs don't fill out till all the frame growing is pretty much done. You'll have a lanky dog until the bones are done growing and then they muscle up, in general.

As to activity levels, each dog is different. Dunno if you have kids but kids kinda go through the sullen act when they hit growth spurts. Why not dogs? If it's worrying, have some blood work done and make sure all is right.

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