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tilokiyo 12-19-2013 12:04 PM

My gsd's height and weight is lesser than they should be..
Hi friends..

I have first time bought a pet in my life, and thats gsd.

His name is zorro, and is of 13 weeks.

His weight is 19 lbs and height is 15 inches.

I am confused weather he is growing proper is under growth.

Please explain me.

I am giving him food per day5 times

0.22 pounds dry dog food in morning @ 7:30 am

0.66 pounds curd with wheat bread @ 10:30

0.22 pounds dry dog food @ 13:30 @ noon

0.22 pounds dry dog food @ 16:30

and @ last

0.88 pounds curd with rice @ 20:30

m i doing right ? Zorro is light bone boy.and his skin is still smooth and thin. What should i do to make his skin fat.

Please help me friends

BriskaBoo13 01-16-2014 02:01 PM

He is still young and weight and height are fine. That all just depends on his genetics, how his parents looked. I would not be feeding him that often though, three times a day is fine and about three to four cups of food for the whole day. Especially the wheat bread. He could get sick from that. Some dogs are allergic to wheat and grains. You will find helpful information on feeding him under 'feeding our puppy' in this forum. Also with puppies you don't want them to be fat. This breed needs to stay on the lean side to keep their joints from having to much strain on them. They can become very very painful if they have to much weight on them. As long as he is active and playing he is fine. And as long as you can not easily see his ribs individually when looking at him, he is not to skinny. You should be able to feel ribs when you touch his side, but they shouldn't stick out. If they do and he is not active he needs to go to a veterinarian. Good luck!

Jax08 01-16-2014 02:03 PM

Why do you think he's to small? At 13 weeks, my male was 15# and he's right on track to be the ideal size for a male.

Do not make "his skin fat". They don't need to carry excess weight anymore than we do.

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