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I know how you feel . I have done it ( swat on the rear because he bit my foot HARD) . I knew it was the wrong thing to do and regretted it immediately. He was shocked , he sulked , and was over it in 20 minutes. I wasn't.

I agree , be way harder on yourself than the dog will be on you..not because you need punishment , but keeping that regret fresh in your mind will help you control the snap reaction next time.

It is the same with kids . You always swear you won't scream at them , won't raise a hand to them , then they do something jaw dropping and you lose it. Not a good pattern to make.. and if it is a recurring reaction to misbehavior you WILL ruin the dog or the child, but we all lose it once or twice. Just learn from it , paste some good positive training and quality time over it , and don't repeat the human error

Have you read the articles on bite inhibition training in the puppy section ? I found it a very helpful refresher for me ( first pup for me in maybe 15 years ) .

Good luck with your training . I think the fact you cared this happened , are remorseful and do not want it to happen again , and are smart enough to get the help of a trainer means you are going to have success and a great relationship with your dog

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Thank you everyone. I will definitely not forget this. I do feel like I need to correct him more firmly now as I realize that he will only get bigger and stronger and I don't want to get frustrated and react badly again. Tucker was a pup I picked out but my husband surprised me by contacting the breeder privately. Because I thought he was sold to someone else, I was surprised to see him sleeping in my kitchen one day when I came home. A FULL week earlier than I thought he'd be ready. My husband has no clue and while it bothered me, we've done okay. I'm just wondering now if his biting isn't a little worse than normal as a result of this.

Either way, thanks again for your advice and encouragement.

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Please remember he is just a puppy and doesn't know better.

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Anger Management MsMaria? Seriously?? It was an accident, I'm sure many people here have accidentally hit or kicked their dog when they bit them too hard. I know I have done it once when my dog almost took one of my fingers off, it's a common reaction to pain. I'm sorry but you need a reality check, there's no reason to tell someone they need anger management after something like this.

To the OP, I know how you feel I felt just as bad when I hit my pup in the mouth, but as long as you continue to love them and play with them, they will love you know matter what. Good luck with your pup!

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I'm trying to figure out why the OP would need anger management. The family has been given instructions not to strike the puppy and to crate him if he gets to be too much. nobody said the OP had anger issues.

OP, it was an accident and a normal reaction to pain. Just remember to control your reactions better next time because there WILL be a next time until your pup learns to control his chompers. You'll get there. Patience and time.

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i dont understand why people let puppies bite them all over in the first place and then when the pup bites too hard they get angry? the pup is having fun and think its a game. the day before biting was fine and mommy didnt care too much but then todqy i tried to play and mommy kicked me in the face. talk about one confused puppy.

if my pup bites my hand softly thats fine. but if he is over energized and just running around trying to clamp on my ankles, i immediately give him a very stern NO followed by waving his tug in front of him in a happy excited voice. most of the time he'll lock onto his tug. if he still goes for me i just block with the tug and stick it in his mouth. if hes stilll too amped up then i just leave the room/put him in timeout. everyone loses their temper. the op is human, not a robot. everyone loses their temper and she most certainly does not need anger management but correct your pup. dont put him in a situation where he could hit the right spot and send you over your threshold. you dont just put on body armor aka jeans and shoes and let the pup bite you. thats ridiculous and not teaching him anything
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Thanks again all. I must have missed msmarias post about Anger Management lol. I have raised 3 well-adjusted teen girls so I'm pretty confident I handle anger fairly well on most days but it couldn't hurt as far as hubby goes.

I've never taken the approach with Tucker that biting is okay. Normally I redirect, and keep a leash on when he is biting a lot so I keep control. Time-outs usually work when he is out of control, but if I miss the cues and don't have his leash on, getting my hands on him to do so can be a little tricky. He does get reprimanded with stern Nos and sometimes scruffing when warranted. This week has actually been better, probably because I haven't let my guard down. Now that he is enjoying the pool more, I've been using that to channel some energy.

His out of control times seem to be geting fewer and farther between so here's hoping we have made progress.Have I ruined my puppy? I feel awful...-1374233530791.jpg

Have I ruined my puppy? I feel awful...-1374233584053.jpg

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oh how I remember that phase, I have awful scars on my wrist still. It was all worth it!

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Do some people really let their puppies bite them to the point of leaving scars??? Surely not

Your puppy is really cute......I have belladonna lilies all over my garden.
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Sparra, Belladonna Lily is my wonderful mare I raised from a foal. She is 13 now and has packed 2 of my 3 daughters around the hunter ring. Hopefully she will take the youngest for a spin too, but first daughter has to get her "anger" under control lol. Mare is a red-head and does not suffer fools. Daughter likes to be the boss too so we opted to buy her a patient gelding to move up on. Cheaper than frequent ER visits (exaggerating, but only slightly )

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