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Originally Posted by msvette2u View Post
This is not a dog that is having fun.

You can continue to take her against everyone's advice, and get her injured and/or turn her very aggressive towards other dogs, or you could seek out friends with similar aged dogs to have controlled interactions and play.

it happens once in blue moon, like for example it happened this time because the guy brought his 2 labs who were never socialized before and they were trying to start fights with ALL dogs. Arexa has tons of fun 95% of the time... as far as play dates she has our neightbors dog to play with. I understand that it can get very ugly if fights arent stopped on time...but im right next to her so Its very unluckly that it will ever happen... and like i said the fact that she is not scared of "normal" dogs means so much to me I don't want her to be aggressive and attack dogs out of fear.
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I'm confused now. So she wasn't attacked, but she's fearful of other dogs who nip at her, including older dogs who find her annoying, and you want her to nip back? ("Usually its old dogs who just want to mind their own and mine tries to play with them.") As opposed to de-escalating, which is what she's doing now?

If an older dog thinks she's being a pest and growls at her to tell her to go away, what is your reasoning for expecting her to "fight back"? As an owner of a senior dog, if my younger dogs bother him, they get told to leave him alone -- by me. I'd shoo a pestie-youngster away from him at the dog park, if she were jumping on or nipping at my old guy; and as an owner of a young dog, I'd get my youngster away from any one else's senior she was bothering, as it's not acceptable behavior to me, and seniors should be able to enjoy the park without young ones harassing them.

She's an insecure dog. I have had several dogs like that--we paid for a lot of sessions of controlled play care where all the dogs are carefully screened and matched to play style (my little adolescent GSD mix currently gets matched at the vet's play care with little dogs, as the staff there understands the play care is rehabilitative for her, and they won't overwhelm her since she's a very gentle playmate--the rough-and-tumble of the big-dog play time would scare her--but she made friends with some of the little dogs). With my shy ones, I take it slowly and let them decide when they are ready to run and play.

It sounds like from your first post that she's telling you with her body language and avoidance that it's too much for her.

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I don't believe that you're 'clarifying' your first post. One of the two is bologna. Your first post clearly stated your dog had been attacked many times, and is now hiding and going into avoidance when there. This does NOT sound like she's having a good time. My previous and current dogs have never been to a dog park, and get along just fine with other dogs. If you keep taking her, you're going to get a DA dog. I'm troubled by your handling of this pup... from the ecollar use to the dog park to your wanting her to 'fight back'. If you can't straighten out your thinking and treat this pup well, maybe it's time to consider re-homing. A dog that does not trust its handler will never protect the handler. Instead of trying to change your story and defend your actions, you need to take responsibility for your mistakes and seriously try to understand GSDs and take care of her.
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Originally Posted by llombardo View Post
If you want her to progress..take her to a class with stable, social dogs that she doesn't have to worry about.
Exactly! You can run into some weird dogs in training classes, but it's a controlled environment so the chances of your dog actually being attacked are a lot less than taking her to the park.

There are hundreds of post on this forum from people whose dogs want to fight with other dogs and they're trying to figure out to get them to stop the behavior. Be thankful that your dog doesn't want to fight and stop putting her in situations where she might get hurt.
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I realized I should never have posted this thread i told you the situation as is, there is no point of defending myself why should I ?!!! whats the point?!! Jag rehoming? You want me to give up my dog because I want her to be socialized and not scared, I told you before there is huge progress in her behavior. And yes I do use shock collar occasionally and it works. The only useful advice I got is to take her to class with stable dogs which i will. Thanks for your input everyone.

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i think the consensus among savvy handlers is that dog parks are the place not to be.
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Originally Posted by x11 View Post
i think the consensus among savvy handlers is that dog parks are the place not to be.
Too unstructured for a potentially reactive or fearful dog.
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My 2 cents... you need to study up on dog behaviour a bit. (I'm not being critical). From what I have read, I am seeing a pup being submissive as to not start a fight in which she knows is not in her best interest.. that's really smart Dogs communicate in this way.. say she is annoying a bigger/older dog, she knows she is just trying to start PLAY, but when the other dog gives her the message "I dont feel like playing, GO AWAY!" (by nipping and acting "aggressive", this is not true aggression, its just a firm STOP IT!) she has the good sense to give a submissive message, like a "Sorry" by retreating. If she was too "fight back", or give them attitude, it would be a challenge (like MAKE ME!), which could easily esculate to a nasty exchange. I've had good dog park experiences when Axel was younger, but choose not to go very often anymore, the last couple times badly behaved dogs of others ruined it, he was attacked by a tiny horrible creature the last time.. and I was scared to death he would snap at it (and do damage) while I ran to him commanding NO. He listened, and the dogs idiot (owner) proceeded to yell at me for having an aggressive dog . We left. Yes... they should have left, but it seems the idiots outnumber the decent folks alot of times...
A nice long walk on a long line is what I do most of the time now with my furbabies

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Why not do puppy classes? When Enzo went a few of us would meet up outside of class to let them play together. Worked out great! Got to socialize the pups and a tired puppy is a happy puppy

Also do you have any friends with well socialized dogs? One of my husband's friends has a senior golden and she would play with Enzo but when she had enough she would let him know and he would stop. Good for him to be around all ages.



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My friends have small dogs who bite my dog and she just ignores it.. They are not socialized I guess but can't harm either I guess my dog is just not a fighter, not that I want her to be I was just curious... The reason I posted this thread is to see what other GSD owners had to say about their experiences with a puppy. The other day I was at dog park and this super nice old guy has two GSDs told me when they were pups they were both scared of dog park at first just like mine until now they act like they own the place, made me smile Arexa plays so good with GSDs for some reason I notice that labs are not friendly to her... Strange. I guess you would have to be there to see what's happening, she is having a great time until crazy dog comes over and barking and nipping then Arexa either hides or jump on me and then we separate the "attacking" dog. I would hate to take away the fun from her just because of idiot dogs are ruining it for her...

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