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Well since you've heard all the "don't get the puppy" replies, should you till choose to get the pup (Human's usually do what they want regardless), I'd suggest keeping them separated while your not home. Crate the pup while your not home, in a room that's not accessible to the reactive dog, then at 4 months or a little older (going by what you said in your OP about him being fine with pups this age and older), things should work out fine. Only allow them to be around each other while you are present, holding the pup if necessary, and keep the pup with you at all times. Don't introduce them too quickly, take your time, if Midas? shows any sign of being uncomfortable, scoop the puppy up and try again from further away. Reward Midas a lot when he behave the way you want him to around the pup.

I don't really see how your really going to pull off walking them at the same time while the pup is little, (unless you walk the older dog 1st, since those will be longer, and do mini walks with the pup: a lot more work for you) another reason why this is kind of a bad idea...but that's the best I got. Good luck!

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I agree with the others that now does not appear to be a good time to get a puppy, and this situation could be potentially very dangerous to the puppy. As a breeder, if someone came to me with a similar situation, I would turn down the sale and tell them the same thing; Wait.

If you are determined to get a puppy now, I would first be getting a female puppy instead of another male. A male and female pair is typically more likely to be successful in terms of the dogs getting along than a same sex pair. And be prepared to put in more than double the time you are putting in now when it comes to working with the dogs. You cannot let the time Midas is getting slip, or his behavior will backslide. And a puppy will require even more time to properly socialize, housebreak and train.

Keep the two dogs separated unless you are there to supervise. And that means actively supervising. Not having them loose while you're attention is on the TV or something else. You need to watch them closely for the safety of the puppy. Also avoid taking both to into any situation where Midas may react inappropriately, even if it's directed at another dog and not the puppy, as puppies will learn a lot from modeling existing adult dogs in the home and you do not want him teaching the puppy this bad behavior.

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If he is reactive to pups, "just" no injuries, you should not take him to dog parks. It only takes one huge scare for an impressionable pup to become dog reactive.
I seriously have problems with people who think like that. It ruined a dog from me in the past, i had to manage him for the rest of his life when he encountered another dog and his dog park days were over.
So if you are responsible, work with your current dog and stick with the advice others have given you already.
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Well thank you, Ageizm.

I am not an RN. I won't graduate till May 18th, then I have to find a job, so I am not currently working 12 hour shifts. I am in school for about the same amount of time as a part-time job, then I work an actual part-time job which allows me to bring my puppy with me. And like I stated earlier, I finally, for the first time in 2 years, have a LOT of time on my hands.

I thought it was understood that the dogs would be kenneled. Of course I would NEVER let a puppy out with an adult dog who may or may not like him! They would not need to be separated for life because Midas has loved every dog that walks in my home and doesn't mind any 5+ month old dog jumping on him. They will always be supervised.

I forgot who posted it, but I like the idea of seeing how Midas reacts to the puppy through the kennel for awhile. Also, the method we ended up using to stop his dog aggression was the e collar and using something similar to Lou Castle's method. The "LAT" game didn't work, along with various other methods.

My dog is not this crazed, puppy killing machine with a world full of issues. It's my fault for not working with puppies and now it's what I need to focus on. I just wanted some insight on methods to introduce the two dogs together peacefully.
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Chris Wild, thanks. I have a very strict routine when it comes to a new puppy. I have them in a kennel if I am not able to give them 100% of my attention. Now this is normally a safety/potty training thing, but still.
I have no idea if his reactivity to puppy is the initial greeting or a long-term thing because he has never reacted negatively to a puppy that came into our home. At the dog park/stores, if he starts growling or something I just walk with him away. So I have no idea how long it would even take him to adjust to the pup if he were to not like it.
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Very limited and supervised time. I was the one who had my snarky female separated from my new pup through a crate. Were I bringing in another pup I would have waited till she was gone. He was a working prospect and I was prepared for a life of rotating if need be.

He also needs (and not at the dog park) exposure to very well rounded known adult dogs with excellent dog skills to teach him what is normal.

I am convinced that part of my issue with Cyra was that Toby who was dog reacitve "taught" her some inappropriate social behavior. Toby was gone by the time I got Beau and I had Grim who is the kind of dog Turid Rugaas would use to help other dogs, the kind of dog we have used as a neutral dog in temperament tests of other dgos. He was a great mentor for Beau but I still went out of my way to expose him to other dogs I knew very well and personally. I never, not once, let Cyra and Beau have unsupervised time together. I also never let him play with a strange dog and I am very happy with the results. To me once they are out of the litter they don't need "puppy play time". So there are different schools of thought.

As is, due to a back injury for Grim, I rotate Beau and Grim. They get along well but want to play and I can't afford more injury for the old guy so any interaction between them is supervised (mainly walks together). I would rather not have to because now I have to be careful making sure they both get enough outside time, not too much crate time, and enough me time........It is a lot more work than having two dogs who can just be together.

I agree about getting a girl. I got a boy because I had a boy and a girl and I knew the boy to be stellar and the female to be snarky. I also knew that she loved older boy dogs once she got to know them but never warmed up to other girl dogs.


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May I ask why you are so determined?
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I understand wanting a puppy... we've all been there. However, this just doesn't seem like a good idea.

You have time NOW.. sure. But, 8 weeks-4 months is NOT the hardest months of owning a puppy... especially a working breed. In fact, all my dogs were MUCH more demanding after 5 months old. What's going to happen when you have a 6 month old waiting at home to play and run and socialize... and you're pulling 12+ hr shifts? In May, when you graduate, that will be your puppy.

The first year is the most important in training, socialization, and bonding. You will start out with good intentions and enough time.... but end up with another issue on your hands when you start working as a full time RN. Not only will YOU have to adjust.. but now the dogs do too. It will be a little easier on your older dog, but the puppy is going to have some issues. From that, you may even end up with a whole 'nother can of worms with behavior problems from a bored puppy.

Personally, my suggestion would be to wait. Take this extra time you have and invest in your current dog. Work on his issues, work around puppies and get him comfortable with sharing his space with them. Once you've been working as an RN for a year or two and everyone in the house in acclimated to the changes (and he's better with his puppy issues)... THEN go and get your next puppy.

Your intentions may be good... but, this could turn into a HUGE problem and a lot of heartache.... not to mention stress. Why do that to yourself AND Midas?

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Of course you haven't worked around puppies...no one does. Who in the world would allow your dog around their puppy? No matter how short of a leash you have on your dog I would not train a puppy anywhere near something that barks/hackles/charges my dog.

When it comes to puppies...you just have the dog you have. I belong to a GSD club, there are people there that have dogs that love to play with puppies, others that are neuteral to puppies, and others that hate puppies. The ones that have dogs that hate puppies will let anyone with a puppy know that they shouldn't let their dog near theirs, people like me will purposely come over to others with pups so that their puppy can socialize with a full grown GSD. My dog is 2.5 years old but still believes he's 6 months old, so he'll wrestle and let any puppy climb all over him.

Just supervise their interaction. Wait until the puppy is old enough for your dog to not react to him. Easier thing to do would be to adopt an "older puppy." There are tons of breeders out there looking for homes for either returned pups or dogs that they kept back and realized wouldn't work out. Why wouldn't you look into that? Many times those dogs are housebroken, possibly have some basic training on them, and would be old enough for your dog to not react.
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Originally Posted by doggiedad View Post
your dog is reactive towards pups. you're going to be working
12 hour shifts. you didn't follow through with training your
dog. no puppy for you.
Love the simple way this man phrases things.

New RN, 12 hours shifts will turn into 13 hours or more trying to write report on all your patients. Our previous dog did not like puppies, she never changed. However she did take wonderful care of some kittens. You should wait to see how your work goes first if you are lucky enough to find a job and pass nclex, then review the puppy thing.
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