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Police Officer helps injured GSD after accident

Seems like a good dude...even shows pos of his own GSD from his phone.

Officer Carries An Injured Dog Over 200 Yards To Safety.
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I seen this the other day. I really enjoy stories like this one this is another one of my favorites Police Officer Rescues Pit Bull For Second Time, Decides to Adopt

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We hear and talk about bad LE on a regular basis. It's always wonderful to see positive things about LE.

This is a good man, helping his community. He is rightfully being recognized for it. Small though it may be to some, for this family he was a blessing.

"So that others may live"

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With all the recent stories about LE officers shooting dogs for no good reason, these two stories, the GSD and the Pit, are certainly refreshing.

I have had a couple experiences with LE regarding my dogs, both positive, although one was rather embarrassing.

I used to live on a state highway, but had my house fenced all the way around, with locked gates. This was primarily for the safety of my dogs. A Michigan State Trooper helped me to take it a step further.

There was a small store about a quarter mile south of us on the highway, and about another quarter mile north were some low income apartments. There was one man living there who used to walk or bike down to the store at least every other day, and every dog I had in the 23 years we lived there hated him. They would charge the fence, which was a good distance from the highway itself, whenever he went by. Usually he would cross over the highway to go past our house on the opposite side of the highway, even though there was no way the dogs could get to him.

One particular day he must have forgotten, he stayed on our side of the highway, and I was outside with the male GSD I had at the time. He spotted the man riding his bike, and charged the fence barking fiercely. At the same time a state trooper was driving by from the opposite direction, just in time to see the man get startled and fall off his bike almost into our ditch. He wasn't hurt, got up, onto his bike, and rode away as fast as he could. The trooper slowed down, did a U-turn, and pulled into my driveway. He got out as I grabbed my dog, and walked over to the fence.

"You have a beautiful dog there. I have shepherds, too. I love my dogs, and I know you love him, you can tell by the way he is with you. But if you REALLY love your dog, you'll find a way to keep him off the front yard here. If that man had fallen onto the highway when your dog scared him, and got hit by a car or hurt in any way, you could lose that dog, he could be put to sleep."

He really had my attention by then.

"So because I know how much you love him, I know the next time I drive past here, I'll see a fence up so you can keep him off the front."

I gulped. "Yes sir. Thank you sir."

The next time I saw that state trooper, I did have a gated fence up so that the dogs could enjoy the half acre back yard, but could not get into the front unless I let them. The trooper slowed down, honked at me, smiled and waved. He knew I REALLY loved my dogs!

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I live in a downtown area and have a 4-foot chain link fence. Early one Saturday morning a police car parked across the street and the police walked over and asked if he could pet my German Shepherd puppy. My boy was 5 months at the time.

He stayed for about five minutes while we talked about GSDs. His wife wouldn't let him have one. He clearly was smitten by my puppy.

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The news reporter nailed it.
This is the type of police officer you want in your community.
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Great stories!


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My first dog was a GSD/elkhoud cross, he looked like a sable, small, fat GSD. He was people aggressive, but only if they came to something that was 'his'. I could take him anywhere and he was fine, but if people came to my house, he would protect and would bite (had one bite incident, I never let it happen again). I moved to a bigger city, and my house had a 6 foot privacy fence. Literally the DAY I moved in my dog found a hole in the fence and got out while I was at the store. I got home and was freaked out knowing that he would/could bite, not knowing any neighbors yet, not having time to even register my dog with the city. I was frantically walking up and down the street calling for him, tears in my eyes, when my neighbor across the street came out and told me he saw him running around and coaxed him into his backyard, he called animal control because he didn't know who he belonged to, but they were busy so a police officer came and got him, I asked him if the dog was mean and he said no, was the perfect gentleman. So I call the police department and get put on hold, then an officer came on the line laughing and asked if I was in any hurry to get him back. I was confused and asked why. The officer that picked him up was so impressed with his manners that he took him on patrol with him, so he got to be a K-9 for a day. When the officer dropped him off he told me that when he went to get him in the car the dog was so excited that he was jumping on the car, the officer told him to sit and wait, which he did, then when he had the door open he told him to go ahead and get in, which he did. Then the officer stayed and helped me figure out where he got out at (a loose board) and helped me fix it. My day went from almost tragic to hysterical.
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The local department K9 officer that lives across the street from me sometimes helps me work with Lisl.

He also set me up with the breeder from where I got Lisl.

He's one of the good ones.

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I think we should totally hijack this thread and post all of our GOOD LE/dog stories. What do you think?

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