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joneser 06-17-2014 01:16 PM

UKC Premier-Kalamazoo Parvo Exposure

Liesje 06-17-2014 01:59 PM

It's unlikely that with all the dogs at the Premier each year there never one that has been exposed. This is just the first time someone has thought to mention it to the event committee. Any time I attend an event with hundreds (thousands?) of dogs and exhibitors I take into account that my dogs are being exposed to many things and am careful if I intend to go visit puppies or any place that might have immunocompromised dogs soon after. The message is good to know for people that brought baby puppies to the event or are going back home to puppies, but anyone who has their dogs vaccinated or titred should not freak out like everyone is on Facebook. There were no dogs *with* parvo actually at the event.

onyx'girl 06-17-2014 05:27 PM

Anytime you go to an event with dogs from all over, there is risk of virus or bacterias that aren't 'local' to the area.
A friend went to a weekend long Mal trial and both of her dogs got sick with a flu bug. One was a pup, he was pretty bad off before he started his recovery(IV and overnight vet stay 2x's).

I never let my dogs drink from sources other dogs are using at events. If I had pups on the ground or was soon to whelp a litter, I'd take extreme precautions so I wouldn't track home any 'bugs'.
For those of us that do minimal vaccines, or don't use flea preventative(dogs don't have flea's) even going to such a place may be a risk bringing home those too.
I don't think everyone on fb is freaking out, but it is worth sharing the information.

UKC put on a great event and this information they shared shows their integrity.

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