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Fade2Black 06-06-2014 04:47 PM

Inside Edition investigates Puppycide......
A couple of the people/GSD in the video are Justice for Vinny & Justice for Ava. There is also a movie in the works about dogs shot-murdered by LEO. Every 98 minutes someone's pet gets blasted. I wish I could say what I want but since I don't won't to get banned I will just have to vent in other places......


DogGone 06-06-2014 08:35 PM

I agree that the police in the video you posted essentially murdered the dogs. Way too many times that law enforcement and other authorities respond prejudicely, recklessly, and ignorantly. There are also many times that they act appropriately using force, including deadly force. Each circumstance is different.

Locally, a while back Blue Ash police officers responded to a loose Chihuahua mix that was probably nipping at passerbys. They probably should have let animal control (SPC) handle it, but instead they antagonized things and used excessive force. They tased and repeatedly shot the small dog.

Police shoot dead a chihuahua, but only after tasing it first

Often positions of authority attracts criminals, people with moral and severe mental health issues. Power can corrupt, especially if it is unbridled. I've seen people that I thought was decent people, become evil when they gain power/authority.

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