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misslesleedavis1 05-03-2014 04:24 PM

The Ban debate (BSL).
Alright, im on the fence about the ban, i dont know if i support it or not, part of me sees a child on tv torn to shreds and dead because of a so called Pitbull attack and i think "holy crap thats disgusting..eww Pitbulls" then the rest of the story shines thru and its always the same "un neutured male pitbull wearing a 4 inch spike collar blah blah blah" and i think well jeeze look at the type of owner that is. Then i see pitbulls in tutu's sleeping beside baby ducks and i think "aweeee what a cutie!!", i cant find a reason to support the antiban or be on board with it, i dont dislike them infact my bestie has a 13 year old pitbull he has been thru 5 children and never has had one incident Trippy is amazing, smart calm and loving, then again jen got him thru her friends that had the parents and also had the grandparents, they were all good natured dogs that were taken care of.

Frankly its not as if the ban has worked, we took tyson to his last ob class months ago and afterwards the trainer has a dog social thing she does and on our way out we met a young pittbull, angry growling the owner had it muzzled and was screaming stand back at everyone, not to mention the countless pittbulls that make it thru rescues all the time here.

So, as of right now i dont have a solid opinion on the ban..i know i dont dislike any breed but im not on board with the whole "always the owners " default statement (and that is for every breed) ..

What does everyone else think?

SuperG 05-03-2014 04:45 PM

Are you talking about the BSL ( breed specific legislation ) at a nationwide level or the recent pit bull attacks in MS. which has generated some discussions to ban the breed in certain counties?

If I have to vote one way or the other...I'd vote to make the penalties on the owner of the dog much more severe....especially if if there is a track record of attacks on humans or neglect by the owner to maintain/contain the dog in a secured area. However, if individuals are getting attacked by going over a fence or on private property etc...that's an entirely different situation.


misslesleedavis1 05-03-2014 04:48 PM

BSL should have been more specific. Im in ontario, not sure how many states also utilize the BSL.

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shepherdmom 05-03-2014 06:01 PM

My state just passed a law banning all BSL. So I'm really happy with that. Lots of breeds have issues and problems. Including our GSD breed. Legislation won't fix the problems IMO.

Amurphy26 05-03-2014 06:40 PM

This debate always angers people but like you I'm not sure where I stand on banning breeds. Pit bulls have been banned in the UK for a number of years now but there are still dog attacks in the news all the time. I think one of the most recent child deaths was from a malamute. There are breeds who have been bred to kill and breeders and owners who specifically look for that trait. I think in the majority of cases the owner is at fault. Having said that I don't want to be more wary of pit bull types or staffies (they replaced the pit bull in popularity when pits were banned) but I am. I think it's knowing the damage they could do.

In Scotland there was a recent campaign which said they wanted all large breed dogs to be muzzled when outside. That's just ludicrous and thankfully is very unlikely to happen.

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selzer 05-03-2014 06:54 PM

When I read some of the numbers of fatal attacks by pitbulls, and the grievous injuries, there is a part of me that sympathizes with those who want to ban them.

Owners need to be more responsible when they own breeds that are capable of doing serious damage. And it just seems like over and over and over again, the owners fail.

Shepherd owners have to get on their people too. We shouldn't be so understanding when dogs get out of the yard, or when they threaten the mailman, when they chew on kids. We need to start pounding on people to keep their dogs contained, to manage their dogs properly, to train their dogs, etc.

Because there are pit bulls out there, GSDs look almost tame. But if they get rid of the pits. Then it will be Rotties and GSDs and Mals that appear to have lots more serious bites, injuries, deaths than other breeds. Because those graphs can be perfectly true and correct, but can be manipulated to look terrible.

Owners have to get smart. If owners can't be smart, then someone has to protect the public. EVERY bite, every loose dog, every attack on livestock, every attack on another dog is really, really bad for all of us.

If they ban a dog breed or dogs over a certain weight, or whatever, I would hope that they would grandfather in existing dogs, given they are altered or become altered within so many days, and they are properly registered and licensed.

Nigel 05-03-2014 07:18 PM

Unfortunately, too many pit bulls end up in the hands of idiots. A dog with the potential to cause severe injuries/death needs an owner who takes this seriously and sadly few do. I've never owned one, but those owned by friends are well behaved, good ambassadors of the breed, but they are in the minority, at least in my area.

llombardo 05-03-2014 07:22 PM

I'm against any kind of bans. I don't have a problem with any breed, my problem lays with the people who get certain breeds and use that breed for not so good things. It's very rare that we will hear good things about pit bulls, so of course they come off as a vicious breed. The reality of it is that there are so many pit bulls or "mixes" that even though the number for attacks by them seem high, it's not because if how many there are. For example a local animal shelter has 1500 dogs, 95% of those are pit bulls, all tested and ready for a home. I was just talking to a vet tech that had a beautiful pit bull puppy, the pup is 10 weeks old. She was dropped off at the clinic at two weeks old because the owner didn't know that pit bulls could have female puppies and they didn't want any females, those are the kind of people that shouldn't own any dog.

llombardo 05-03-2014 07:29 PM


Originally Posted by selzer (Post 5466922)

If they ban a dog breed or dogs over a certain weight, or whatever, I would hope that they would grandfather in existing dogs, given they are altered or become altered within so many days, and they are properly registered and licensed.

It doesn't happen this way... I watched the attached video once and that enough for me:(

glowingtoadfly 05-03-2014 07:42 PM

I am anti BSL. In my city, the pound is full of pitbulls and more are euthanized every day. It is horrible. CL is also full of people trying to sell puppies and rehome them. I had one abandoned in my backyard at my old residence. He was a friendly boy. The neigbor's three pitbulls attacked him and he was all cut up. I had to call the pound, I couldn't keep him as I had five kitties living in my house and an anti pitbull roommate. He still haunts me. He was the sweetest boy. I wish I would have called some friends to see if they could foster, but I was panicked from the dogfight. The boy wasn't aggressive at all to the other dogs. I had to spray my neigbor's dog with a hose to get him off the poor, skinny pup. He was probably euthanized.

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