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She was dropped off at the clinic at two weeks old because the owner didn't know that pit bulls could have female puppies and they didn't want any females, those are the kind of people that shouldn't own any dog.
Jeez. What did they think gave birth to the little female pittie?

Interestingly, the sheltie folk are discussing this exact same issue and exact same referenced story (the little girl out of Canada last week). MS too, huh? I type med records for Children's Los Angeles and hear the damage. I live near Fresno (stupid capital of the US -- no seriously, we officially made the top of the list) and I can't take either of my dogs anyplace, Petsmart, a walking trail, a park, our national forest, outside my house for fear of pitbull attack.

I don't want to see a ban, but I don't want to see these fighting line pitties in Petsmart either. I have livestock and we have some nearby pot growers with 2 roaming pits. They menace the horse on the property between us. I don't want them to find my llamas/goats.

I would like to see owners penalized a whole lot more. How do you penalize poor people who bit off more than they could chew (literally) when they got the free pup at the flea market?

When are people going to realize taking animals bred to kill, breeding them further to snap at anything any time, and then taking the animal in your home with your kids just shouldn't be done?

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The video would have been better without the music and the fading in and out of the pictures -- that was hard on my eyes, and irritating to try to read while the music was going, but worried that they might start speaking so I couldn't turn the music off.

In any case, I know that some places have banned without grandfathering in existing dogs. That is why I mentioned it. I think something should be done. Too many serious attacks are happening. People are not being responsible with their dogs. What they ought to do about it, I really don't know. The thugs that own the dogs don't have anything to lose, so they aren't going to bother being responsible. The rest of the owners of these dogs suffer because of how they appeal to thugs.

I don't like the breed, and I will never own one; but I know that there are people out there that feel the same way about GSDs. I do not want them banned. But I think that something needs to be done. I am not against breed-specific legislation. If you have a breed that is responsible for 73% of the damage to children and 87% of the damage to adults, then, I think requiring owners of such a breed to hold an insurance policy covering the dogs, having containment that meets certain specifications, ensuring that they do not have any convictions for animal cruelty/dog fighting, ensuring they can pass a basic ownership test that spells out the related laws and possible consequences of what could happen if their dog attacks someone makes sense.

I mean, if you go and buy a shot gun no one is going to make you pass a test. But if you want to carry a concealed handgun than you do need a permit and be able to display that you understand the laws with respect to carrying.

At the end of the day, it is easier to ban the dog breed than it is to set up anything with regards to improving the safety by enforcing responsible ownership of the dogs.

And I understand the slippery slope. The dog-hating gargoyles won't stop with pit bulls, they will expand it to cover all the bully breeds, and then they will start in on the mastiff-breeds and working/protection/guarding/herding breeds.

Just like some people feel that only police and military need to have guns, people will also feel that only police and military should own formidable dogs.

And so, when I hear about people letting their dog go down the street on its own to play with the neighbor kids, or when I hear about people letting their dog send four separate people to the hospital for stitches, I don't mince words. But it seems like the rest of the dog-owners just don't see it as a big deal. And others want to avoid anything that looks remotely close to BSL, because they feel that then they will be safe. Personally, I do not think this it true. It is not BSL to ban dogs over 40 pounds. And then we have a lot more dogs in shelters being euthanized, only they just don't all look like pits. But we can all say, that won't happen here.

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There are some bully breed dogs out there with great temperments. Im watching one play in the yard with the rest of the board and train dogs. BSL is basically taking a sledge hammer to a situation that was better fixed with a scalpel. There are plenty of dogs out there some of them GSDs where drowning them in a bucket would have done the world and the breed a favor.
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In my city, there is a proper containment law for pitbulls. In my opinion, all that does is keep dogs like Fi, (that is the name someone shaved into the abandoned puppy's side, so that's what I call him) out of good homes that don't have the containment. I also had a downstairs neighbor who got a pitbull puppy, then had the landlord decide she couldn't stay because she was a pit. The neighbor called the pound and said she found her. The puppy was probably euthanized. More homes = a good thing.

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Pits are 'banned' here in NZ, and honestly I still see more of them (and their mixes) than any other breed. Of course, they just get labelled as staffies. Sadly, they do attract a certain kind of individual - individuals who have no business owning a plant, let alone a domesticated carnivore. They make the news constantly for toddler attacks, and as someone who is repeatedly charged and hassled by aggressive pits, I still do not support BSL. While I have an appreciation for the impact genetics has on temperament, I still think responsibility should be put entirely on the owner. Management, fencing, muzzles, whatever. I always keep this in mind - when the pits and rotties fall to BSL, guess who's next GSDs can be aggressive, but there exist plenty who are totally fine. I imagine it's the same with any other breed, so I'd rather they not all get slammed with a ban hammer due to a few bad apples and irresponsible owners.
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Originally Posted by Baillif View Post
There are some bully breed dogs out there with great temperments. Im watching one play in the yard with the rest of the board and train dogs. BSL is basically taking a sledge hammer to a situation that was better fixed with a scalpel. There are plenty of dogs out there some of them GSDs where drowning them in a bucket would have done the world and the breed a favor.
Well that is why im pretty much all ??? about how i feel. Like i said Jenns dog Trippy is amazing, he is old now but my goodness never once had any issue with him..and plenty more are like him, its just like one idiot breeding a unstable mess then selling the puppies to crazy morons that have no clue how to handle issues. Then you have a time bomb waiting to happen in the hands of another time bomb.

My fiance was attacked by a rescue dog that we allowed to have one stop over, he was found roaming te streets of south oshawa (real terrible town) when he arrived he was clearly a bully breed dog, he ended up trying to pick a fight with dexter thru a door and then turned on andrew and ripped his arm to shreds even went as far as to try to eat thru the bathroom door to get to him. I think he should have been drowned at birth (horrible i know) but pointless big stupid vicious dog he was. That incident did not shape the way i felt about bully breeds but it sure opened my eyes to just how quick a unstable hot mess could turn violent.

I dont think that there is a clear solution to the problem but proper education would help alot when it comes to certain breeds, and if rescues are taking certain "dangerous dog breeds" they should have a specific group of experianced handlers take them or just ship them off to breed specific rescues, like the german shep rescue, or the border collie rescue...they know what they are doing because that is all they focus on.
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I am against breed bans.

I am not a fan of Pits or similar breeds. They are horribly overbred, horribly bred, often owned by the wrong type if people. The attacks I hear the most about are NOT drug lord owned guard dogs. They are family pets. The grandfather killed by the 2 house pet Pitbulls comes to mind.

My largest concern with them is the potential for serious injury and death that they cause when they do go bad. A chihuahua attacks me, eh get a bandaid, a Pit type dog does and I am in the hospital.

I also take issue with so many pit bull supporters who seem oblivious to their potential. Like they can't fathom that any member of the breed they love could be dangerous. And that to me is more dangerous.

But some of my favorite dogs are Pits. So I take them on a case by case basis. I can like individual dogs without liking their breed.

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Originally Posted by gsdsar View Post

My largest concern with them is the potential for serious injury and death that they cause when they do go bad. A chihuahua attacks me, eh get a bandaid, a Pit type dog does and I am in the hospital.

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Chihuahua's can be vicious and I have seen people end up with severe bites from them. They are the second most popular breed at the animal shelter next to the pit bulls. I would take a pit bull over a chihuahua anyday and I have owned a chihuahua before.

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A Chihuahua is not going to kill you ......I think that was the point.
I agree with gsdsar.......when they decide to attack they do an extraordinary amount of damage in a very short space of time.
Also agree that avid pittbull supporters are in la la land over the state of their breed. Until they admit they have issues it is not going to get any better.
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I am against BSL. Once all of the bully breeds are gone, the same people that have given them the bad reputation that they have will move on to the next breed. The dogs are not the problem, the people are.

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