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Dainerra 04-18-2014 06:21 PM

deputy shoots self while attempting to shoot dog
Deputy Sheriff Shoots Himself While Trying To Kill Family Pet

not a GSD but shows some officers are lacking more than dog knowledge

selzer 04-18-2014 06:37 PM

The dog looked nice. It was in a fenced yard.

I think that people really do need to provide some kind of access to their front door so that people can come up and knock on the door, but no way should the cop have shot a dog that was in its own fenced yard.

An eviction notice is a little different than apprehending someone who is suspected of a violent crime, with good reason to suspect to be armed and dangerous.

At some point police officers have to understand that dogs are more than inanimate objects.

Ellimaybel 04-18-2014 07:04 PM

Any police officer worth his salt wouldn't shoot a man for walking up to him and yelling loudly. First rule of gun control, cop or not, is engage your target. First establish the level of threat and react appropriately.

Nigel 04-18-2014 08:10 PM

Karma! Hahaha! Quite the police presence for a cop shooting himself, lol! Sounds like he might need to be reassigned to a desk job if he cannot properly handle a gun. At least in this instance he was only a danger to himself.

SunCzarina 04-18-2014 08:26 PM

Oh no it's a pitbull /*sarcasm*/

llombardo 04-18-2014 08:49 PM

And the dog still didn't attack after a complete stranger is in its yard on the ground., sounds real vicious to me.

Dainerra 04-18-2014 08:52 PM

Selzer, the notice want even for the house that the dog was at. So not quite sure why the deputy was in the yard

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lennyb 04-18-2014 09:01 PM

Karma... Gotta luv it.. I'm all for anyone police or not defending themselves when threatened BUT cops are getting trigger happy when it comes to dogs lately. I hope he not only learned a lesson but I really hope he gets reprimanded as well. Vicious dog my butt..

Chip18 04-18-2014 09:09 PM

Well that LEO was an A hole and got what he deserved! It's also a heads up for the owner! Pitt ownership requires "extra" vigilance!

Dog should not have free run of the "front fenced" in yard without supervision! My BullMastiff/APBT mix as are all my dogs was "never" out of my sight!

"People" can be idiots! I never put my dogs at risk to the whim of some cretin!! Just saying. :)

llombardo 04-18-2014 09:19 PM


Originally Posted by Dainerra (Post 5397521)
Selzer, the notice want even for the house that the dog was at. So not quite sure why the deputy was in the yard

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I was going to add this, but it stated the notice wasn't for the owner of the dog, which could mean it was still for that house and not that guy.... It's a long shot but I was trying to give someone the benefit of the doubt.

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