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MichaelE 02-27-2014 10:51 AM

Dog to Speech translator...
Talking Dog Device Ready to Hit Market Soon - Yahoo

Talking Dog Device Ready to Hit Market Soon (ABC News)

What if your dog could greet you with more than a growl, or announce the reason he's scratching at the door?

It sounds absurd and much like the storyline from the Pixar film, “Up,” but Scandinavian scientists are working to develop a headset that could soon allow your furry best friend to speak his mind.

The Nordic Society for Invention and Discovery is the brains behind “No More Woof” -- technology that aims to distinguish canine thought patterns and then issue them as short sentences via a microphone.

“The brainwaves differ quite a lot from different races as well as individual dogs,” NSID writes on their website. “However it is possible to detect some common patterns and we have no doubt that in the future this technology will open up a vast new era of communication between dogs and humans, or animals in general and humans.”

The research team, who previously brought the world such inventions as the pet flying carpet, weren’t immediately available for comment on Wednesday, but explained the most recent project on their website.

“No More Woof is the result of combining the latest technologies in three different tech-areas - EEG (electroencephalography) sensoring, micro computing and special [brain-computer interface] software,” the researchers wrote.

The operating system relies on sensors in the headset which detect electric signals in the dog's brainwaves. Technology from an in-built processing device then analyses the signal patterns and deciphers them into distinct feelings like anger, curiosity or tiredness.

Sample sentences such as “I’m hungry – but I don’t like this!” or "I'm curious who that is?" will be programmed into the device and emitted through a loudspeaker.

English translations will be available, but Putonghua, French and Spanish language headsets will come later, the researchers say.

How exactly scientists will attach the sensors into a dog's brain has yet to be ironed out. Issues like this, as well as the ethical and social concerns, are the reason why there’s a whole lot more research to be done before the technology becomes available.

The headsets are, however, available for pre-purchase on indiegogo as part of the research funding campaign, with three different versions that range in functionality and price, from $65 for the micro to $300 for the standard version or $1,200 for the Superior customizable mini-speaker, replete with engraved dog tag.

You might have to wait a while for the first prototype to arrive in the mail, but the implications are enormous, the researchers say.

And as friendship is a two-way street, it’s only fitting that the scientists are also aiming to develop a reverse headset for humans to bark their way into the hearts of their canine buddies.

Other applications and accessories the researchers have in their far-sighted future include a “Pavlovian training kit,” with original instructions by the physiologist Ivan Pavlov, to further the owner-pet bond through the use of play and classical conditioning.

“Right now we are only scraping the surface of possibilities,” the researchers write. “The first version will be quite rudimentary. But hey, the first computer was pretty crappy too.”

I can hear Lisl now...

You need to come to the door RIGHT NOW!

Who's out there? Is it the postman, is it UPS, is it the neighbor, is it the trash man?

Someone's outside! I heard something, come and see! Quick!

What was that noise I heard? I know SOMEONE IS OUT THERE!!

Who's car door was that? Is that a stranger out there??!!

You have to come NOW!

Stevenzachsmom 02-27-2014 10:59 AM

Oh my gosh! I would hate that. I already understand my dogs' language. He is able to convey very well what he sees, hears, smells, needs, and wants. I rather hear, see, and interpret "his" language, than have him speak mine.

MichaelE 02-27-2014 11:04 AM

I believe the inventors of this device have never owned a dog.

I think most of us here can interpret our dogs sounds without the use of an external device.

blackshep 02-27-2014 11:32 AM

I saw that before and laughed. Can you imagine?! My dog would have A LOT to say, she would probably never stop talking. lol

It would be nice if she could tell me things like if she's not feeling well, what is hurting and where etc. Wouldn't that be a nice invention?

Sunflowers 02-27-2014 11:47 AM

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Daisy&Lucky's Mom 02-27-2014 12:03 PM

Thats pretty exciting! I would like to know when their hurt or sick. Last night Lucky was doing his hyper I want to play bounce.He kept it up for awhile and finally went to the door. He had the runs. I definitely misinterpeted that. I thought about it and pictured what it would be like at my house and that machine w/ three seniors who tolerate each other.
Chevy: I dont like Lucky
Lucky : I dont like Chevy or Thunder
Chevy: We didnt like you first
Thunder : Im hungry and Lucky's dumb and grouchy.
Lucky : I'm smarter then them and they make me grouchy
All three : Hungry now no kibble just steak

Not so sure now!

Blanketback 02-27-2014 12:14 PM

"I'm hungry - but I don't like this!" rotflmao, do we need that one? Ha, I hope they have a good return policy because that phrase will probably get worn out in a hurry.

Sunflowers 02-27-2014 12:17 PM

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Would have come in handy today when I didn't understand that Hans's weird posture on the treadmill meant that he needed to poop....:sick:

lennyb 02-27-2014 01:26 PM

Sunflowers..Would have come in handy today when I didn't understand that Hans's weird posture on the treadmill meant that he needed to poop....:sick:

That's funny.. Sick but funny..

Msmaria 02-27-2014 01:30 PM


Originally Posted by MichaelE (Post 5101506)
I believe the inventors of this device have never owned a dog.

I think most of us here can interpret our dogs sounds without the use of an external device.

True. Dex is pretty obvious. If he wants to show me something or wants me to go someplace, he grabs my hand in his mouth and takes me over there. Most of the time, its to show me he found MORE dog poop at the park but sometimes he also finds a dead bird or squirrel.

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