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Originally Posted by x0emiroxy0x View Post
How awful...if the dog is restrained then WHY shoot it? Fear is not an excuse! If it were, than a female cop could shoot a very tall, large man that was already in handcuffs because she was "scared" of him.

Hopefully this man is fired and the department makes a statement that it does not allow this kind of abuse.

(PS>>To those questioning dog training in the boyfriend graduated thursday...they logged 690 hours in 4 months and still did not cover all HUMAN areas completely. There is simply not time to waste on dogs when their job is to save humans.)
No time to waste on dogs? Dogs are such a major topic with cops. They encounter them on a daily basis and you can't just say "Oh, I'm just shooting the dog if it barks at me." and then have a potential human threat on your tail.
I'm waiting for the day of the wrong persons dog being shot.
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Originally Posted by DharmasMom View Post
I'm sorry but, no. Accidents happen. They just do. We have all had them happen. It doesn't make you irresponsible, it makes you human. The dog was already RESTRAINED. There is NO excuse to shoot it except pure meanness.

Yes, dogs get run over but to compare that to a dog that was already contained and then tazed and the shot 4 times is ludicrous.

People can be totally responsible and still have an accident. I have had it happen a couple of times. First time, someone opened my gate and Dharma got out. Second time, I was opening the garage door when Pippa opened the door from the house to the garage ( I wasn't aware she knew how to open that door) and both dogs bolted through the open garage door as I was getting ready to back my car out. The third time was just a couple of months ago. My bff came over to get my dogs when I was admitted to the hospital. She used the wrong leash ( I had left the right ones with the food but she didn't see them) and it snapped as she was walking to the car. Pippa took off and then Dharma pulled loose. It took her an hour to catch them because they wouldn't come to her. I knew NOTHING about it until the next day because you can bet I would have walked out of that hospital to come get them.

My point is no matter how hard you try, sometimes accidents happen. Apparently that dog knew how to open the garage door. It certainly doesn't deserve to be shot once it is already restrained. THAT is going to far.
Absolutely agree with you.

A long time ago, a friend of the family was supposed to watch and care for our horses when my parents were on a trial (I believe). She did exactly what she was told to do and still, the unbelievable happened, the Horses broke lose. ALL OF THEM. They all went onto a busy Highway and completely freaked out.
My mom's favorite female slid underneath a bus and for some lucky reason, neither horse, nor human was hurt.

It wasn't her fault. She was a responsible person. She did exactly how she was told and still, the horses got lose because it was an accident. An accident that could have ended very badly but thankfully nobody was hurt and none of the horses had to be shot by the police all of them were caught and brought back to the stables.

I don't remember if my parents were ever issued a ticket over that.

As for the dogs, I don't think we've ever had an accident were they got lose.

I had one, when Indra was a puppy, she slipped out of the car and went barking at a woman and her dog. She was half a year old and went through a reactive phase. The woman went bonkers and yelled at her and me, which made things only worse. It was an accident. She was still a silly pup but already big enough for people being scared....

Accidents happen. Sometimes it's out of our hands. We are dealing with living beings and not with robots which is why we sometimes can't foresee what's going to happen. Especially when you care for someone elses dog.

I had my friends dogs over. The sweetest dogs at his house, well behaved but once I had them at my house, it was a completely different story. They went completely out of control and one of them has "tail-bang" as he calls it. Our house looked like a slaughter house he was bleeding all over the place.
I rather drive out to his house three or four times a day instead of having two out of control dogs at my place having to deal with all that blood.

He is a fence jumper on top of that. So I was out with him, watching him closely every time he was out there. He's known to go over the fence, which is why he has a tracker. Only problem, he lost that tracker when he was at my house.
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Wow that is horrible. I feel bad for the dog, and the police officer. My take on this is I can understand the great concern for safety I do feel that the dog did not need to be shot. Not all police officers are trained to handle k9's. Many people seem to think because some one has badge that they have been trained. Many officers are average pet owners like myself.

The 911 call the neighbor made was alarming. You can read the article here about the 911 call made...
Commerce City Police answer questions about dog killed on Saturday |

Second animal control should of been the one to handle it but the police were most likely notified due to the the phone call made to 911. I do not understand why the police did what they did. The dog was not being aggressive, and why was animal control NOT doing their job by taking the lead role? Animal control is trained to handle situations like this. All they had to do was get the dog and bring it in. Why allow the police officer tazer the dog?

I blame the person who was dog sitting for the relative. I blame the neighbor for making a 911 call saying that the dog was being aggressive when it was not. I blame the owner as well for leaving the dog in the care of a person who was irresponsible.

The police officer went to far and should of allowed animal control do their job and assist as needed. The animal control officer got the dog then the police officer shot it. Using the tazer on the dog put it in panic mode and the normal response for any animal is to escape or defend itself. I am not excusing anyone in this situation and I am glad this was caught on video. It is also possible that the police officer might have panicked himself when the dog went to flee.

The best thing people can do for Chloe is educate people about dogs. Educate police officers for situations like this and how to handle dogs with a procedure in place. This should teach all dogs owners to be cautious who you have taking care of your pet when away. Last this is why it is so important to train our dogs to come when called to keep them safe. Also introduce your dog to your neighbors in case something like this happens. Educate your neighbors about your dog so they do not fear them or assume the dog is aggressive because of its breed.
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