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We have a Resident LEO on this forum - Sgt. Castle. Can we ask him to offer suggestions? For cops, as well as the general public.

Point is - cops are humans. And the private sector has no idea what it's like to lay your life on the line every day. Does that make it OK to kill someone's dog? Absolutely not. But I'm looking for ways to attempt to FIX the problem, not pitch a biatch AFTER the fact.

And the fact of the matter is, the number of times this happens - percentage-wise - is far less than what is posted here. The way it sounds here, cops kill people's dogs on a daily basis without provocation - I think we know better than that.

LEOs need to be educated. Moreso, IMO - dog owners need to be educated. I don't "get" people keeping their dogs on a chain or in a crate all day. I want mine to roam the inside of our house like our cats do (ours are inside cats, BTW - poop inside, not in someone else's garden). If I wanted an animal on a string, I'd buy a stuffed toy. If I wanted an animal in a cage, I'd have a hamster.

Point is - this discussion is far too important to ignore or fight about. And taking it to the White House? Please-when was the last time any politician actually helped a situation? IMO, they only hinder. It's up to US - Joe Citizan & LEOs - to fix this. Certainly not politicans - esPECially in an election year.

Suggestions on how to help? Sgt Castle - are you out there to offer your help & expertise?
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Some of the risks you talk about are comical to me as well. I like to live my life on how likely is something bad to happen (in a sense). So...people like to rip on dog parks...I calculated in my life I've seen a dog fight at a park less than 1% of the time I've been there. In the dog-shot-by-cop thing its way less than 1% of dogs. So I just don't worry about things like that happening. I get upset at that single situation...but I'd like to know more facts which for some reason are never available or are just left out by the news channel reporting the story.

Many of the situations don't apply to me. I live in an apartment, my dog is never outside without me. I don't ever expect anyone to have contact with my dog unless I'm there. I also know my rights as a citizen of the United States but I'm also a pretty understanding person. If a maintenance guy had to enter my apartment without my knowledge (or even a phone call) and my dog did something to him, I'd question that maintenance guy and the apartment complex in their decision, but I'd also expect that the maintenance guy/apartment complex would understand that there is a high risk doing something like that (they know I have a GSD and a very well trained one at that).

I just really wish we had more information on that last case...I even said that depending on more info I could see it being the fault of the owner.
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As a retired, 25 year sheriffs deputy/sergeant, I can offer one viewpoint.
Resource allocation: Where do you want your tax dollars spent? Oftentimes, training costs money that simply isn't available. Either it costs to bring someone in to conduct training or it requires overtime to personnel. In an environment where staff/programs are being cut, how items are prioritized is key.
Where I worked (MN) the demand for ongoing/continuing education for the following items exists: Firearms, use of force/control tactics, pursuit driving, legal updates, domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, mentally ill persons, elderly/dementia patients. This is just a sampling of what administration must provide training for.
I agree that handling of dogs is important, but where does it rank on the list of priorities?
Keep in mind, this is a community of "dog people".

As far as commenting on these threads, I left that drama behind when I went 10-7 for the last time.
A lot of the news stories are so poorly written, it's hard to know what really happened.

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A lot of the news stories are so poorly written, it's hard to know what really happened.
This exactly!
And it's written solely for sensationalism...just to sell papers and get readers.
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The training is a big part of it, but I wonder if more training is offered if there is not animal control in the area? I would think that there should be one or the other. Where I live there is no animal control, the police handle it and are trained to do so. They also carry stun guns and they are more likely to use those. I have been in this town for about 5 years and I have never seen a stray dog...cats yes, but no dogs. I think based on the need is whether a town will have animal control or not. The police in my area are definitely trained and paid well and they do a magnificent job.

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Typically on boards you cannot talk against cops or breeders, strange combination but it is fact.

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Originally Posted by x0emiroxy0x View Post
90% of the "facts" posted in arguments are misquoted/manipulated/ or taken from websites that are in no way reliable.
Do you have a source for that "fact?"

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Originally Posted by wildo View Post
Do you have a source for that "fact?"
Wow, what a hypocrite I am! lol I wish you could hear my voice rather than just reading my words! In person I always like "like 90 percent' or "like half the people" but when I type I try not to use the word like because it isn't correct. I was not meaning the 90 % as a fact, just a guess and my opinion from all the convos!

Thanks for pointing that out
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Originally Posted by Packen View Post
Typically on boards you cannot talk against cops or breeders, strange combination but it is fact.
I don't know where you got THAT idea - that you can't talk against cops? REALLY?? Have you read any of the cop-shoots-dog threads?

That's beside the point - I'm looking for answers. Not the typical "it's all the cops' fault' BS. I want something I can take to our local PD.
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See, I don't think the site is made up of people who either love cops or hate them. I think there are people everywhere in the middle.

If you cannot see the faults the dogs you have bred have, you are probably kennel blind. That means you will do nothing to deal with the problems. It is a bad situation. If you blindly believe that if a cop did something it must have been ok, then again, it is not a good place to be in, because you can't fix something if you can't see the leaks.

But as for cops shooting dogs. As for how cops tend to manage dogs in general, personally, I think that we are freaking out over a couple of isolated incidents.

I did drag it a little off topic when I took offense to the idea that you would have to be an LEO to question an LEO. But I think threads are going to jump around a bit, and I really don't see the problem with that. When a thread becomes fixated on a tangent and then gets nasty, well yeah that's a problem.

One last thought. When my SUV dropped dead on 480 just before rush hour, I called my sister and then the cops. They felt the best thing to do was to get me out of the vehicle and I could wait for the tow truck at a gas station -- hours of waiting in the vehicle meant that much more likely to get splattered in it. Thankfully no one hit my car. But the point of this story was that the cops asked me 4 separate times if I had a dog or dogs in the car. It was summer, and the dogs would have died in there. I think they wanted to make sure that I wouldn't be so distracted by the whole scenario that I would leave my animals to roast in the car. I didn't have any dogs with me. But the cops definitely were dog-people, we discussed their dogs on route to the gas station they were going to drop me at.

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