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AMarie 03-25-2014 04:53 PM

I'll love her anyways....
Hey yall! I'm new to the site, so go easy on me if I've posted in the wrong area. :) I purchased a German Shepherd puppy a few weeks ago. I was given pictures of what they said was her parents as well. The lady said she was the last puppy left, so I'm thinking maybe nobody wanted her because she didn't have the "typical" GSD coloration or maybe she was the smaller pup? She just seems a little small for her age, but maybe I'm just used to her. The cable guy saw her and couldn't get over how big she is. She'll be 11 weeks in a couple of days. All the pictures I see of other GSD pups her age are leggy and their ears are makin moves. I'm really hoping the lady didn't lie to me about her parents and sell me a mixed pup claiming it was full blooded. I'll love the dog anyway, but that would just be a crappy thing of her to have done, taking someone's money like that. :( Anyways, there's pictures on my profile of Ginger's parents, and of her 7 weeks until today. If I brush her coat back the shaft of her hairs are dark, but will that ever come on through or will she probably look like a Malinois the rest of her life?

e.rigby 03-25-2014 04:57 PM

The tan dog with the black muzzle? Not sure, to me she doesn't look like a GSD. There are GSDs that are completely 'blonde' with black muzzles, but something else just seems off. Maybe others will be able to weigh in .... also, post more pictures when she's a bit older. Sometimes it's hard to really tell with puppies.

AMarie 03-25-2014 05:09 PM

Oh I didn't know there were blonde GSDs! Her tail and back legs have a black undertone to them. She just seems a little small for her age. I never got to see the other puppies because she was the last one left, but I'm thinking she may have been the runt.

e.rigby 03-25-2014 05:29 PM

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