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TrailRider 01-16-2014 11:17 PM

Ruger, 9 month old male
I know these aren't great pictures but I'm by myself and was doing the best I could with "staaaay" lol. I just want to show him off, would like to know what everyone thinks of him, also what color he is. He started out what looked like a tri-color puppy, even as he got a bit older he still had a lot of black. Now it seems like his black is fading and shrinking lol. He's way darker than his parents though. I don't have any papers on him, his mom is AKC registered but I don't know her bloodlines, though I think she looks like she comes from show bloodlines. His dad is shaped more like him. I have more puppy pics in my picture album.

P.s. Sorry about the black on black with the wood heater and his back lol.

He stacks quite well on his own, I kinda fudge things up when I stack him. He looks short, looks like his front and back legs are set too far apart. It's not how he stands naturally.

I just love this dog to death. He's coming out of this wimpy stage he's been in and becoming more brave and protective. He's probably the smartness dog I've ever raised, though he still ranks second to my corgi as being the best lol.

Mary Beth 01-17-2014 09:22 PM

Beautiful head shot on the sitting photo. Lovely markings - may even turn out to be as saddleback - he is still young.

TrailRider 01-18-2014 12:12 AM

Thanks, both his mother and father look like faded black and tan to me. But I'm not sure, I've always loved GSDs but I didn't realize they had so many color variations. He was one out of the three darkest puppies in the litter. And he just seemed better looking than the rest. I do think it's cool how he went from almost totally black to all the different shades of brown, the shrunken black marketing's and the silver hair on his hips and withers/shoulders.

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