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King1122 06-30-2014 12:53 PM

ISO Breeder in Michigan and/or Southern California
Hello! I'm new to the site and my search for a gs puppy has led me here. We are a military family (with no children) and are looking for a male gs puppy. We are currently PCSing (moving) from Michigan to southern California (our 4th move in 3 years) and yes it is every bit exhausting as it sounds.

*Warning - I got a bit carried away once I started typing. Sorry it is so long and you can skip down to the bottom for my question if you'd like.

It has been the roughest 3 years including losing our 2 big furbabies. About a year and a half ago we lost our shepherd mix (the most loyal, protective, gentle dog I've ever met) he had a tumor growing behind or near his nasal passage and a disease that is quite uncommon. We did all we could, but his disease had no cure and they could not operate on his tumor due to its location. He was only 9 1/2 years old and we did not see it coming. He deteriorated quickly and it was painful to watch.

Then this past January we had to put down our Siberian Husky who was 12 years old. I learned the very hardest way where not to buy a puppy from. It started when he was about 3 years old and he had a seizure. We managed to get the seizures under control using meds, but didn't keep him on it long term due to the meds long term effects. Fast forward to age 7 and the real troubles began. Honestly we still have no solid idea what was wrong with him. He would dig at his face constantly (he had dew claws) and ripped his eye open and we battled this fiasco for over a year with many vet visits and medications and he had to wear a cone a lot so he didn't destroy his face. We then decided it was worth the risk to get his dew claws removed (and his teeth cleaned). Keep in mind he had the seizures and there was increased risk putting him under especially with a compromised immune system. We did the bloodwork and the vet gave the ok so we did it. He made it through surgery just fine and couldn't dig his face anymore! He started to get better for a few days. Then he started to get sick again and coughing up clear fluid. Back to the vet we go and they had to knock him out and do xrays then they bring me in to see the xrays and his whole chest was just white. He had pneumonia very badly, meanwhile he is laying on the table knocked out coughing and spitting up fluids and I'm crying. We were getting ready to move (again) and my husband was at a school accross the country for 3 months. It was devastating. We hit it hard with meds and he had to go back in 2 days for more xrays. When we returned 2 days later the fluid in his lungs had went down a lot then the vet tells me that is the worst case she has ever seen and honestly thought he had no chance of making it (thanks for telling me lady). Keep hitting the meds and he gets better. He was his old self for the first time in a LONG time, but it was short lived. For the next and last 3 years of his life he battled pneumonia multiple more times, his hips gave out, he had a problem with a disc in his back, and he got to where he couldn't get up and also had a hard time laying down. I cannot even touch every struggle he faced. He went down and bounced back so many times. We poured thousands upon thousands of dollars into his care over the years. I lost count a long time ago. He was worth everything we have and more to us. I remember crying into his fur during my husbands first deployment when he got extended 3 times and sent to Iraq when the war started. He was my baby, best friend, and the most constant thing in my life (both of them were). We moved countless times and my dogs have seen more of this country than most people. Sorry for rambling on - apparently I had a story to tell.

*Continue reading here if you skipped the middle.

So we are looking for a male german shepherd puppy in Michigan (only if available in the next 4 weeks - good luck I know!) and after that in Southern California (which I fear will cost us more money and maybe more than we can afford)!

If you can recommend any breeders or suggestions I'd be very grateful. I'm leaning towards looking for a more straight back than the sloped. I'll have plenty of time to spend with him and train him.

King1122 06-30-2014 01:06 PM

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I just had to share. Rest In Peace boys!

Attila & Mr Wee

Attila after surgery

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