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SC72 04-07-2014 05:10 AM

Vom Banach DDR
Does anyone here have any experience with the DDR's from this breeder. Vom Banach is (I believe) out of Washington state and I have heard some good things about this breeder. Feel free to PM me. Thanks everyone!

Anubis_Star 04-07-2014 05:23 AM

I PM'd you :)

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gsdsar 04-07-2014 05:23 AM

I have a dog from Vom Banach, I am very happy with him.

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von Bolen 04-11-2014 01:55 AM

Haven't heard of them. Info?

wolfy dog 04-11-2014 11:38 AM


daisyrunner 04-12-2014 05:28 PM

Can I have info too? Just looking down the road in a year or so to get #2....

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