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Jango 04-04-2014 08:42 AM

Another MN newbie needs direction.
Hi, I have been lurking and learning on this great site from my home in northern, MN. I have visited a breeder, "coppermoon", and have contacted another, "sablerock", both have beautiful dogs, though the latter only seems to communicate thru email so that's been a bit awkward, so I would love to hear if any here have a dog from either of these breeders. We are looking for a family companion with moderate drive from a good breeder, but how does one know unless you ask others, right?

Jango 04-04-2014 10:15 AM

I should also add these are both MN breeders and would love recommendations on any breeders in the MN, WI area. We are an active family but are looking for a moderate drive family companion.

lhczth 04-04-2014 10:34 AM

Hi Jango. You might check out this thread too for breeders in your area while waiting for more responses.

It also helps if you can post a link to the websites of the breeders you are inquiring about. Makes it easier for people. :) I have not heard of either of the breeders you listed.

lhczth 04-04-2014 10:35 AM

Another thread to read to help you in your search.

Jango 04-04-2014 11:01 AM

Jango 04-04-2014 11:03 AM

Jango 04-04-2014 04:17 PM

Thanks Ihczth, great links. Ok after going thru them this is what I am looking for, german showline breeding, and I want "a pet dog" but I don't want a "cheap one". Definitely willing to pay more for a quality animal. So if anyone has s recommendation around Mn I'd love to hear of them.

AmyOle 04-04-2014 05:42 PM

Riverrock kennels. Quality dogs- small program (you'll have to wait for a puppy, she doesn't churn them out). Our Kolachi was well worth the wait- rock solid temperament, wonderful with kids, socialized beautifully, she was sold as a companion puppy and enjoys working- we've started agility (which she loves), obedience, tracking and even dipped our paws in conformation. You have to make it through a few levels of interviews before you are considered as a buyer- this was a big plus for me-- The breeder is an academic as well as a dog person, so I felt like her research and methodology was cutting edge (she even teaches a canine developmental psychology course!).

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