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GermanShepherdLoverKing 03-21-2014 07:48 AM

Are these breeders good
I am hoping to find a german shepherd that is classic .Straight backs naturally protective instincts and the classic color pattern here are there websites

California German Shepherds Breeder with Puppies and Dog For Sale| Perfect German Shepherds

Hoffert Shepherds

California German Shepherds Breeder with Puppies and Dog For Sale| Perfect German Shepherds
Thank you do you have any other good classic german shepherd breeders?

LoveEcho 03-21-2014 08:17 AM

"old style German Shepherds" is a cheesy sales pitch made by people breeding for oversized dogs. On the "Perfect German Shepherds" website there is zero information on the dogs they breed- pedigrees, titles, health certs- none... but there's the constant "just look at our website!" Can't say much about them besides their website leaving me with a slimy-used-car-salesman feel.

Hoffert Shepherds says, "we do not train for Schutzhund because we do not have a use for an attack dog." Someone who doesn't understand the sport that was basically developed as a way to evaluate this breed specifically doesn't know much about the breed. You can buy a "puppy for breeding" from them with zero requirements in terms of titling, etc- always a red flag- the breeder doesn't care about making sure good matches occur, etc. They say they guarantee against HD and ED but say that the cause is environmental (not genetics and faulty breeding). Again, no information about the dogs they are breeding.

I would pass on both. The cooldownunder site does not work.

Do research on the type of GSD you want- there are a variety of lines. And, contrary to what these sites touting "old fashioned GSD's" say, roached backs are not common. Many of the dogs on those sites advertising "straight backs" actually had swaybacks.

Look at the stickies on the "finding a breeder" section about what to look for.

Franksmom 03-21-2014 08:28 AM

I have a GSD from an Old Fashioned Breeder, He is a GREAT GSD.
You will not find much support on this forum for that type of breeder.
He is not from any of the Breeders you have listed, so I do do not know anything about them. He is from Tenn.
Depending on what you want to do with your GSD should steer you in the direction of which breeder you need to go with.

LaRen616 03-21-2014 08:30 AM

OP Where are you located?

We can point you in the direction of reputable breeders if we know where you are located.

K9POPPY 03-21-2014 08:32 AM

The line about "old style, straight back, oversized German Shepherds" is indeed a sales gimmick. That's not what German Shepherds were meant to be. Trust me, in almost 40 years of owning GSD's, oversize is not what you want. Too many health issues follow oversize GSD's, just like with people. Been through all the heartache of oversize GSD health problems, and it's nothing to boast about. As far as straight-back, old style, just Google what GSD's looked like 100 years ago- there's nothing wrong with having a normal sized GSD! But that's not to say that oversized, old-fashioned, straight-backed GSD's aren't great dogs, mine were all awesome!!!!!!!!! Just all in what you consider most important in selecting a GSD- IMHO. Bob

lhczth 03-21-2014 09:52 AM

Please, not another long drawn out "discussion" on over-sized GSD. The OP is asking about these breeder's based on their websites. You may comment about how you feel the "old fashioned........" is a sales gimmick within this context.

Thank you,


NancyJ 03-21-2014 10:00 AM

K9POPPY 03-21-2014 10:40 AM

So sorry, seems I have made another grave error in posting, my humble apologies- Bob:(

lhczth 03-21-2014 12:05 PM

Poppy, it was a warning to prevent the argument that would normally follow. Not directed at you. :)


mjta 03-21-2014 12:48 PM

No matter what "style" of GSD you want, it is important to look for health testing in their breeding dogs. That would be the bare minimum I would look at. Obviously working titles or obedience titles are wanted as well.

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