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AngelaHazle 02-11-2014 05:59 PM

Family dog
I've been hunting around for a breeder. I want a good dog, but I'm not concerned with shows or titles. I just want a dog with a good temperament and one that will be good for obedience. It seems like the puppies bred for shows and titles are very expensive. I know I will have to pay a price for a good dog (I'm not looking for cheap), but some breeders seem very high. Can anyone help me find a good breeder that doesn't necessarily breed for shows and titles?

martemchik 02-11-2014 06:09 PM

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Breeders don't breed for shows and titles. Breeders go to shows and put titles on their dogs in order to prove that the dog has solid temperament and is solid in obedience. That proof gives you a better idea that the puppies the dam and sire produce will have a solid temperament and be capable of whatever it is that the parents were titled in.

A dog that shows its obedient on its home turf, might not necessarily have the temperament to do it outside that home turf. So testing a dog, outside the place where its most comfortable, is the best way we have right now of proving a dog has a solid temperament.

Not sure what you consider expensive, but you should expect to pay $1000-$1500 for a well bred working dog. Show dogs (conformation) sometimes go for more than that.

meldy 02-11-2014 06:21 PM

I just went through this.
A well bred dog and a good dog are not necessarily the same thing. Trust me...Ive seen pedigrees up the wazoo with titles like crazy but it was just weird/wrong pairings between parents etc. (I didn't know this, I was told by people who know these things after I asked and looked into it further)

Look for a breeder with a solid breeding program that produces balanced dogs. Family dogs can get titles too and they should be able to if the dog is appropriately pedigreed.

Be very VERY careful if you're putting a price tag on this and if that amount has anything to do with who you choose or the dog you choose. It's the wrong way to come at purchasing something that is going to be in your life and a part of your family for over a decade.

Find someone who makes sense to you. Who has a good reputation. Do lots and lots of homework (I looked hard for months...and started about a year ago) Talk to people...lots of people. If you find a breeder you like ask around about them...find their puppies and see how they are doing out in the real world.

Research...homework...research...homework...ask lots of questions!!

Merciel 02-11-2014 06:28 PM

^ yepyep

Titles in and of themselves only tell you that somebody put a certain amount of time and energy into training and trialing that dog.

They don't guarantee a good dog. My crazypants mutt puppy Pongu has dozens of titles, more than most solid breeding dogs. But he's flat-out insane, unsafe around children, and not remotely the kind of dog I would recommend to anyone ever. His wall of ribbons and championship certificates doesn't change that one bit.

What it does show is that I have spent a lot of time on my dog. I know that dog inside and out. I know all the many ways in which he is a nutcase. And if he were a GOOD dog, I would know all the many ways in which he were a good dog, and I would hopefully be able to make an informed decision about what hypothetical mate would complement his good qualities and shore up his weaknesses.

That's what you want your breeder to be able to demonstrate, and that's why titles and show results matter. A lot of breeders can talk a good game about their dogs' stellar temperaments and intelligence and athleticism, etc. etc. -- but if there isn't any external proof to back up those words, what are they really worth?

Whether or not you ever plan to go into the ring yourself, presumably you want a dog with certain predictable traits from known bloodlines. (Otherwise, why not adopt from a rescue?) And if you want a dog with predictable traits, your chances are improved if you look for breeders who are training and testing their dogs in some externally judged venue.

David Taggart 02-11-2014 06:59 PM

Be afraid of getting a cheaper GSD, I was looking for a good working line puppy a long time, being scared to get one with Cost of Dog Hip Dysplasia Surgery? - Ask Jeeves
Intellect, temperament and health are inherited in dogs. Shows are not for fun and titles, the only reason to hold shows is for breeding healthy dogs. Schutzhund competitions prove that the breed still has not only good physical capabilities, but posesses high intellect as well. The most expensive puppies are from parents, champions in both. But in the end it happens that the "plasticine dog" ( GSD commonly called) is shaped by his owner.

AngelaHazle 02-13-2014 03:42 PM

Thank you everyone for the help. I believe from what I've read here and from a few websites that a working line would be best for my family and I.

Does anyone have any recommendations, good or bad reviews, on breeders in Texas. I live in south Texas and don't mind driving a bit, but the closer the better/easier.

MaggieRoseLee 02-13-2014 04:14 PM

AngelHazle, before you call or talk to any breeder make sure you take HOURS to go thru --->

That way you'll really know about the breed before talking to a good breeder. The 'bad' breeder could care less what you know, they'll just take your $$$$ and care less when your Hip Dysplastic fearful dog bites all your kids/neighbors/friends :) The good breeder wants the BEST owners for their dogs. They spend all the time/effort/money to breed the best dogs they can so they want the best owners matched up.

Good luck!

AngelaHazle 02-14-2014 09:35 AM

Thanks. I did go through that page and it has given me a new outlook on how to choose our puppy and new questions to ask possible breeders.

Does anyone have any reviews on Fernheimgsds and Renaissance Kennels?

Sp00ks 02-14-2014 10:03 AM

I have to second what most of the others have said.

We were looking for a solid temperament first and foremost. I discounted a couple breeders due to their own temperament.... I finally found our breeder, the pups were expensive, certainly more than I have ever paid for a dog. I could not find anything negative about her from people I spoke to or on line. But there wasn't a lot of info about her either.

The parents were titled and were quite impressive. I had been around k9's as a child and I was expecting neurotic, full of crazy drive parents even though she said they could turn it off. We decided to give her a try and meet her in person as well as the parents. We fell in love with all of them and put a deposit down right then and there.

Looking back, we couldn't have done any better. She read us to a tee. I tested her when the pups were about 4 weeks and she nailed it. She chose our pup for us and nailed that too. We still chat with her over email about every couple of weeks. She has a true interest in the pups well being without being overbearing.

I want another from her but I'm afraid my wife would divorce me :) joking...

shepherdmom 02-14-2014 10:19 AM


Originally Posted by AngelaHazle (Post 5017242)
Thank you everyone for the help. I believe from what I've read here and from a few websites that a working line would be best for my family and I.

Does anyone have any recommendations, good or bad reviews, on breeders in Texas. I live in south Texas and don't mind driving a bit, but the closer the better/easier.

Be very very careful with that and understand the exercise needs of a working line. I've had both and the show line IMO is far more suited to a pet home. But no matter which puppy you chose be aware a German Shepherd is going to require plenty of training, socialization, and exercise. There is a reason Shepherd puppies are know as Land Sharks. :)

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