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ubctress 01-24-2014 07:46 PM

Bad breeder
I have contacted my breeder about Sam's numerous issues. The vet encouraged me to do so though I was already skeptical because my experience with her thus far.

I got a reply from her today, stating that I'm a nurse and should be able to fix her health issues and blaming her fearful temperment on my disabled brother (for the record my brother is only mentally challenged, and only mildly, very gentle, doesn't live here and has always been supervised with her)

I am appalled. I've been so good with her and have spent hundreds of dollars on tests. Is there anything I can do? Any more contact with her seems futile.

HarleyTheGSD 01-24-2014 07:53 PM

This is completely out of line. A reputable breeder should happily help any of their puppies. This behavior shows that she obviously doesn't care about her pups, in my opinion. Maybe the reason Sam has so many issues is because this woman is a careless breeder.
I'm sorry if I came off a bit harsh, but this made me angry.
I hope things work out for you and your puppy.

Courtney 01-24-2014 07:54 PM

I hate to say this...but forget about her:( apparently there will be no support.

The health & temperament it something the board can help with?

mydogs 01-24-2014 07:54 PM

I am sorry to hear this. Have you tried contacting a behavioral trainer?

JakodaCD OA 01-24-2014 07:55 PM

I'm sorry you've found yourself with an unsupportive breeder:( Her response to your email sounds pretty ridiculous.

At this point most likely there is nothing you can do especially with a response like that, I mean who says that? "you're a nurse you should be able to fix her"?

Crazy:( and sorry again.

ubctress 01-24-2014 08:39 PM

I figured it was a lost cause but I am not sure what actions I can if any to "report" her. To whom, I'm not sure. I have had people contact me who have puppies from her with similar health problems. If you look at my history you can probably figure out the breeder.
Health issues, my vet and I are trying to figure out. Several rounds of dewormer don't help. We've done a whole panel of stool tests. We are currently running a blood panel to rule out EPI. Her stool stinks to high heaven and periodically is like cow patties. Her diet is very strict and I'm mostly happy with her food.

She has pretty bad fear aggression. She has lunged at someone before (thankfully she was on a halter and didn't reach the woman). My kennel lady stated she bit a child with no injuries and the child didn't think anything of it, so I am guessing it was a nip though I question why a strange child was approaching my puppy.

I have since contacted a nearby breeder who has proper training. Our work schedules don't work very well over the next four weeks but she is willing and able to help me. She breeds GSD.

Sam was spayed today so I won't be breeding her.

I have made her training more strict - no rough housing, no talking back, and NILIF to the extreme! She is now good with other dogs but very unreliable with people no matter how much I socialize her. It worries me. I'll keep working on her though :)

She is just shy of 6 months and we have a great bond, as she also does with my parents and brother.

Galathiel 01-24-2014 10:37 PM

I'm not sure there is anything to 'report'. There is a fairly narrow margin of things you can report ... i.e. abuse. Bad breeding practices? Then all BYBs just in it to make a buck would apply.

I'm sorry you are having so many issues and getting no support from your breeder.

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