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abmc 01-07-2014 02:21 PM

Wanting to Research American Showline
I am interested in researching the American Show Lines but have trouble finding very many of these breeders online. When I do typical google searches I find some working line breeders across the country, and a lot of WGSL breeders but not many of the American, and very few that outcross.

I want to see websites, possibly look at pedigrees, prices, locations, hip/elbow info, etc etc ad nauseum. Research....not neccesarily to buy a pup or dog.

I know this site is typically more for the working type lines, but thought perhaps some of you might have some breeder websites you could suggest I take a look at, or know of some members here who are breeders of this type.

Thank you.

Xeph 01-07-2014 02:38 PM

Well, what *specifically* are you looking for in these pedigrees? You can hop on OFA and type in a lot of the names (I suggest using the advanced search) and find OFA info.

Many many breeders do not have websites, or if they do, they are so out of date, the info is not useful.

WVGSD 01-07-2014 02:55 PM

It would help if we knew where you lived and what you were interested in. We could also point you in the direction of AKC shows where there may/will be GSDs entered so that you could meet the owners, breeders, handlers and the dogs as well.

abmc 01-07-2014 03:18 PM

Thank you Xeph and wvgsd.
I guess the only way to really describe what I am specifically looking for in the pedigrees or the dogs themselves and the websites, etc, at this point, is knowledge....meaning knowledge is what I am seeking. :-)

I am interested in looking at the breed and comparing it with research that I have already done. I am interested in Temperament, health, gosh, just information really.

I would love to be pointed in the direction of some shows WVGSD. Meeting the actual people and the dogs, the folks that live with them, and breed them, etc. is a great idea.

I am in the Midwest. Close to the border of Missouri and Kansas about an hour from Kansas City.

Thank you. Oh, and as to the pedigrees, I read on this forum that you can't begin to learn to read pedigrees until you start reading them. Lol. So, I want to look at them and see if I can see common denominators, etc. if that makes sense.

You don't know what you don't know, until you know it. Thanks for any help/direction you could provide.

Andaka 01-07-2014 03:30 PM

Regional Clubs - Midwest

German Shepherd Dog Club of America - Information and resources for owners of German Shepherd Dogs and German Shepherd Puppies

Here is the info for the German Shepherd Dog Club of America, and their page on Midwest clubs. The National Specialty will be held in St. Louis for the next three years.

Andaka 01-07-2014 03:33 PM

Jack Onofrio Dog Shows, LLC

Foy Trent Dog Show Superintendent: Licensed AKC Dog Show Superintendent

Check out these website of show superintendents to find shows close to you.

abmc 01-07-2014 03:58 PM

Thanks Andaka. I clicked on the link in your name.....looks like you breed/show American Lines? I really appreciate the info. I will take a look at the links and see what I find. Hopefully I will be able to find some shows relatively close to me. I attended the "National" that was in Topeka, KS a few years back, but I knew even less then, and the more you learn the more questions you have if that makes sense. Beautiful dogs by the way, and I like your saying....."where beauty and brains come together".

Andaka 01-07-2014 06:14 PM

Questions are for asking, and the only dumb question is the one you don't ask. so, ask away.

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