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mct765 12-13-2013 05:51 PM

Possibly Buying a GSD (moved from Gen Info title changed)
Hey guys, my first post on here. I did some searches and couldnt find anything that really answered my questions. I have been looking for a german shepherd for about a month now. I have seen several litters but I am also considering a young adult. I spoke with a breeder today who has a 16 month old female who they have decided to sell. She was supposed to be a show dog but her tail isn't exactly what they are looking for. I am wondering about:

when is a dogs personality fairly set?

how easy would she be to train at 16 months (she has some basic obedience training according to the owner)?

any major things to be aware of with a dog raised for?

and any other help people are willing to provide?

thanks a lot

JakodaCD OA 12-13-2013 06:49 PM

My opinion, by 16mths, she probablyis what she is, with still alot of puppyish ways. But of course alot has to do with training as well, is she crazy? like jumping all over you? training:) is she petrified of strangers? well, that may be genetics or lack of socialization.

Have you met her? Best thing to do is go meet her, spend some time with her, take her for a walk, see how she behaves/acts with you.

mct765 12-13-2013 08:05 PM

Going down tomorrow morning to meet her and go see a different litter from a seperate breeder of 9 week old puppies, will let you know how it goes, thanks for the response

any recommendations from people on what temperament tests they prefer?

JakodaCD OA 12-14-2013 07:28 AM

breeder should be temp testing around 7 weeks of age to be able to determine 'who' goes to appropriate homes.

When I see puppies, I like to see that they are happy/healthy , energetic, and come up to me willingly, and I like ones that "follow" me around..I don't tend to like really bossy puppies, ones that are picking on the other puppies etc. but then again, when you can only spend a very little time with them, I rely more on the breeders opinion of "who" would be a good match to what I'm looking for

MaggieRoseLee 12-14-2013 09:16 AM

Good luck! And if you love the 16 m old, there is still alot of good puppy there, but you'll be missing the 'hard' puppy stuff like housebreaking!!!


mct765 12-15-2013 05:02 PM

I met her the other day. She was a good dog a little timid at first but warmed up to me and my girlfriend after a few minutest. She doesnt appear to have spent a lot of time on leash. I tried to take her out in the backyard on leash and she was pretty dominant. I think I could train her to be better because shes still so young.

What do you guys think?

I am taking my best friends dog down to meet her tomorrow night to see how she reacts to other dogs. She hasnt had a lot of social time from the sounds of it as she was a show puppy and has not done much with the owners since she has grown up.

Let me know any thoughts

JakodaCD OA 12-15-2013 05:05 PM

has she lived in a house? or is/was she a kennel dog? Is she house broken?? Just things to ask:)

If you like her, I would ask if you can take her on a trial basis, say a couple weeks, to see if she is the "one" :)

Good idea to take your friends dog, you may see behaviors where she lives that you may not see at your house, that's why I suggested maybe a trial period.

martemchik 12-15-2013 05:11 PM

Not sure how you figured out she's dominant with the leash thing...I've never seen a dog show dominance when on leash. Do you mean she's pulling? Well...if she was a show dog, she was actually taught to pull on leash so its completely normal behavior. If she's never been taught how to properly walk on leash, she's just curious and wants to go explore, so of course she's going to pull to whatever interests her. When they're puppies, its easier to handle (you've only got 20 lbs of pulling dog), now its more difficult because she's older and of course there's more of her to pull.

She's probably not very well trained, the show dogs I've seen don't really get taught the best of manners and a lot of times aren't obedience trained until they're finished.

Xeph 12-15-2013 05:25 PM


She's probably not very well trained, the show dogs I've seen don't really get taught the best of manners and a lot of times aren't obedience trained until they're finished.
Probably true, unfortunately. A lot of people are very old school and believe you will ruin a show dog if you dare teach it manners.

I have show dogs, and they are trained to pull, but they're also trained not to be jerks on leash. We're often an exception at a show, though.

mct765 12-15-2013 05:57 PM

Thanks for all the help guys! Shes house broken and crate trained already. She does pull a great deal on leash. This caught me by surprise as my last dog (rottweiler) I got as a puppy and trained him on leash early

I think I should be able to get her leash trained and obedience training done as well but havent adopted a dog this old before.

Is there a window that this should occur before?

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