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Shonya 12-02-2013 05:09 PM

Help, Please: Need Immediate Feedback on Breeder
Several months ago, I received suggestions on breeders and decided to go with one who is very well thought of on this forum. After an initial discussion and more research, I was the first to send in my deposit on the litter. I am going to do lots of training with the pup, but don't intend to do schutzhund or show. I had asked for a medium drive dog, not a high drive one.

Since the initial conversation, I have not received one communication from the breeder that she has initiated. I happened to call 3 days after the litter was born and that is how I found out that they were already born. I tried not to make a nuisance of myself and only called her two other times with some questions.

Because 8 weeks was coming up and I hadn't heard anything, on Saturday I called her again. She wrote an email back saying she couldn't speak with me until at least today, and informed me that there are a few female puppies to choose from (large litter). There were pictures from the puppies at about 4 weeks on her website, so on a lark, I checked Flickr this morning to see if there were more recent ones. There were, including pictures of at least 4 or 5 puppies who are clearly with their new owners and have already gone to their new homes.

I received no notification that the puppies were born, not one single update on the progress or status of the litter, no notification that the temperament testing had occurred and that pups were going home already, no information about how to prepare for the pup, what it was fed (this pup has been introduced to raw), no instructions for how to pay for the pup. There has been a complete information black-out. I kept thinking as the weeks passed by that I would finally hear from her right after the temperament testing was done. Wrong.

Can this possibly be typical of how a puppy buyer is treated? Granted, I am across the country and I want a pet, not a competitor, but this breeder also advertises her dogs as pets.

I am so disturbed by this that I don't even know whether to take one of the pups or not. I've lost my faith in this breeder. Please, any advice would be most welcome. Presumably, she will call me soon and I am going to have to know how I am going to respond.


katieliz 12-02-2013 05:22 PM

this is a very bad start to a very important relationship. not a good sign. you'll have to follow your heart/intuition on this one, but it sounds like the bond of trust is broken.

Vagus 12-02-2013 05:23 PM


Originally Posted by Shonya (Post 4601409)
Can this possibly be typical of how a puppy buyer is treated?

I'm not sure how it's been for others, but this certainly wasn't my experience! My breeder kept me up to date with pictures every week from the time they were born, up until 4 weeks. From 4 weeks on she invited me to come and see the pups myself! She said I could come every weekend if I wanted to, and even during the week if I was free. At 7 weeks old, final decisions were made as to who gets which puppy (she kept two for herself as show prospects) and at 8 weeks old I brought my puppy home with his little information pack along with some food. How terribly disappointing that someone so highly revered on this site has let you down. I sincerely hope there was just some misunderstanding :(

GSD07 12-02-2013 05:47 PM

Do you like the litter? Did you like the breeder when you talked with her initially? Have you communicated your expectations of breeder support to her? She simply can be busy with puppies, she can forget, and I don't think it's a bad sign if the breeder doesn't send constant updates. If she's picking a pup for you based on your requirements then I don't know what else she would need to tell you before that.

I think I got one six-week update about my pup, that's it. The next time I saw the puppy and met the breeder was during picking him up. I was anxious and was prepared to turn around and leave if I didn't like what I saw but you know what, that breeder gave me the best dog I've ever had and ever will.

Do talk with your breeder and ask the questions you have but please don't focus on other people, focus on your puppy and your needs. Remember, the dog you get is way more important than close relationship with his breeder so do focus on the dog.

JakodaCD OA 12-02-2013 05:48 PM

I would call her back and tell her exactly what your telling us and ask for an explanation???

You gave a deposit in good faith, the least I would think could be done, is notify you the puppies were born or were xx weeks old, etc..

Yes I would call them and ask for an explanation, I don't know who the breeder is, but I'm sorry there is clearly a lack of communication.

Hope you can work it out.

Stephsullivan 12-02-2013 05:49 PM

That sounds terrible, I was in contact with my breeder from 3 weeks before they were born at LEAST three times a week with updates, pictures and information. At 3 weeks of age we were allowed to come see the puppies, but not touch. 4 weeks of age we could come and see and play with them for the first time. We were after a puppy as a pet, but we created such a close bond with our breeders that we still see them every weekend as they are showing us some obedience and show training themselves.

I would be very disappointed in a breeder if that were the way they handled the situation, the time before pickup is so crucial not only for you to get to know your puppy, but for your puppy to know you too.

In the end it is up to you, but if what's left of the litter is not what you had in mind, i would try again elsewhere.

So sorry you didn't get that amazing build up experience :(

MichaelE 12-02-2013 05:55 PM

Trust is everything when you are dealing across the country with an unknown person or business.

I think I would be shopping elsewhere unless you can't get your deposit back without a court date.

That is poor customer service when you aren't even notified that the litter has been born, or that the puppies are now being placed with their owners.

I would guess that if you hadn't contacted her, you'd be out a puppy and the excuse would be that none matched your requests. So sorry, wait for the next litter. Maybe she'd remember you then. NOT.

That's a load of BS.

Vagus 12-02-2013 06:04 PM


Originally Posted by GSD07 (Post 4601561)
Do talk with your breeder and ask the questions you have but please don't focus on other people, focus on your puppy and your needs. Remember, the dog you get is way more important than close relationship with his breeder so do focus on the dog.

I agree about not immediately skipping out on the puppy if the breeder simply slipped up with communication, but at the same time I must admit that I enjoy having a good relationship with my breeder. She called me up the day after I got him to ask about his first night, helped me through concerns I had about his appetite etc. I still email her regularly with updates on his adventures, training achievements and just general stories sharing how happy I am with him. All of this is obviously not essential, but when you're new to puppy owning and you feel like you're in over your head it's really great to have the breeder behind you. Someone who has seen it all and done it all - nothing is a big deal and everything has a solution.

Sp00ks 12-02-2013 06:09 PM

Well, I have to say for a breeder so well received here that I would be very disappointed. I think you held out longer than I would have.

I had the same thoughts with my current breeder. I didn't want to be a nuisance etc. We put the deposit down prior to the pups being born when we visited the facility. She has given regular updates but not as many as I would like of course. Pups were born November 7th and we have had about 15 separate email exchanges. Everything from pup updates to food discussions. All were initiated by me aside from the birth announcement. She has never once gave me the feeling like I am bothering her and has always responded in a timely manner except once it took a couple days. I even asked her how she tests temperament and she told us exactly how she was choosing our pup and nailed it.

Talk to the breeder, find out what's left in the litter. I wouldn't go complaining a lot, it won't do you any good but I would let her know how you feel in short. If they have a dog your interested in, let it go since they have a good reputation here. If not, then proceed accordingly.

boomer11 12-02-2013 07:02 PM

my breeder called me the morning the pup was on the plane and even called me at night to make sure the pup made it there safely. he also calls to check in on the pup once in awhile. some breeders care about the pups and are willing to answer all questions and others only care about the money. if i was you i'd be pretty annoyed.

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