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selzer 08-27-2014 08:11 PM

Summer went so fast. Kids started school today.

Summer went so fast this year. I was able to have the girls for some of it. They are going into third grade this year. Time does fly!

Besides spoiling my dogs, they have gone to horse camp, theater camp, math monkey camp, gymnastics, a day camp for all things south/central America, an overnight camp for 3 days and 2 nights, conservation camp at the national park, and 4H camp in my neighborhood -- I had them the rest of that time, and took them to the fair and dog class with Moofie, and to get the puppies groomed. They also went to Paris, London, Greece, Switzerland, Austria, Venice, and Ireland.

At my house my sister gave them each a book to take them from 2-3rd grade, and the other from 3rd to 4th grade in 45 lessons, one page each of math and reading -- we finished it this weekend. They also do their piano lessons at my house, and I can take them to see the grand parents.

We read through all the Chronicles of Narnia save The Magician's Nephew, are currently reading These Happy Golden Years at my house, and listening to The Fellowship of the Ring in the car. Since Elena has finished the first four Harry Potter Books, we've watched the first four movies. And we finished off Buck Rodgers.

Early this summer, I started letting the girls help me with the dogs. Since Gretta and Ninja acted kind of scary, I went into their kennels myself. But after they had come out a couple of times, I put the girls in Cujo's area and let Gretta out. She sniffed them through the fence and licked their hands, so I let the girls out, and she was fine with them. I told the girls they need to let her come to them.

Then I introduced both to Ninja. Ninja is mostly black and kind of scary, but they love her now. She jumps up on the dog house to get pets and hugs from them too now. So they can go into all my kennels and give the dogs food and water. Only Analisa showed any interest in wielding the pooper scooper, so I get that privilege. But Elena has helped me groom Dolly and Milla.

This past weekend, we let Gretta in, and she really enjoyed being in with the girls. They will help make up her food and put the warm water over the enzymes, etc.

And we have taken puppies to the park. If no one but us are there we can let them run around while they play on the climby stuff. If people are there, we have to hang on to the leashes. But the girls are really good with handling them now.

It sucks, but they have to go back to school now. I'm bummed. I think this has been the quickest summer ever. Leaves are falling all over my kennels. It finally got warm out, and the kids are back at school.

holland 08-27-2014 11:21 PM

Cute pics of the girls and puppies-wow they were busy-they must enjoy their time with you

selzer 08-27-2014 11:35 PM

Most of that stuff they did when I didn't have them, like the conservation camp, and the trip to Europe. But I picked them up from some of their activities, and got to spend some of the time with them. I did get to do a lot of stuff with them.

But yeah, we barely have time to squeeze everything in when they are at my house.

They are quick learners and they listen to instructions, on how to behave around the animals. They couldn't do the horse stuff otherwise, or archery -- they got a bow for Christmas, and their horse-camp offers archery lessons. They know they have to pay attention and follow instructions if they want to work with dogs, and horses, or shoot the bow.

They are getting quite an education, they got to watch the babies being born. I had to prepare them for that, and have my dad on call in case he would have to come and get them. But they were fine.

GSDolch 08-27-2014 11:37 PM

I didn't realize that other schools started so late until I got on FB and seen some friends posts. My kids are already a month in. Yikes! There is talk of year round schooling, with a 9 wk off 3 wk on schedule.

selzer 08-27-2014 11:48 PM

Your kids started school in July? That's nuts. I think they shouldn't start until September, and then they should get out before June. Kids need time to be kids, to have some unstructured play, unstructured days, where they can go and come as they choose. The girls learned a lot this summer. But sometimes I think that maybe we are hastening the growing up process.

I think there should be more time to run bare-footed through the creek, and stalk in the woods, and play at the park.

This summer it was so cold, that we finally hit 90 degrees the day before the kids had to go back to school. Crazy, huh?

Juliem24 08-27-2014 11:56 PM

I agree, they need boredom time then go lay on their bellies at the creek and count critters. That is one of my best memories of my childhood. I can't seem to get the grand boy interested in that: he's got to be doing all the time. I think he's missing a lot. Different personality, maybe.

GSDolch 08-27-2014 11:57 PM

Yup, they start school early here. Some other schools started a week before they did to. It's messed up, I don't want to talk about it, it would end up being against the rule (political) and just end up making me mad.

Channeling my teen boy..."It's dumb"

Thankfully we've had a mild summer, nothing over 98 I think.

lauren43 08-28-2014 12:25 AM

Holy moly! Your girls are busy. They will remember summers like this one forever!!

Shade 08-28-2014 08:04 AM

This summer has just flown by! Too bad they weren't willing to do the scooper, I'm sure that would have been very handy ;):D

selzer 08-28-2014 10:04 PM

I am actually impressed with how much they are willing to do. In horse camp, they have to clean stalls. So when they are in the puppy yard, I actually have a picture of them with the pooper scooper. But only twice have they actually tried to wield it.

Now they will carry the bricks of wood chips and chase puppies around, and then use the rake to try and spread the chips, and stuff all the plastic wrappings into one of them.

They will drag garbage out to my tree lawn too. And one day, I had someone coming, and the girls sleep in the living room and they kind of explode with their books and clean clothes and dirty clothes, etc, when they arrive, so, I had them straightening up and vacuuming in that room, LOL! and I heard the one say, "I've never worked so hard in my life!"

That consisted of packing her book bag with her stuff, picking up her dirty clothes, and vacuuming on room.

But the other one helped me do a lot of stuff in the sun room making a place for Cujo. We mopped the floor and cobwebbed, and cleaned all the window sills.

They are both in good shape, and very active, strong -- they can climb up anything at the park, and swing themselves over all the ladders and hanging swinging type stuff. Good swimmers, etc. I think the one did 17 pull ups for her national fitness award last year -- either 1st grade or second grade. Not sure. But still. I can't do one pull up and never did.

The thing is, they can. They can enjoy all the good stuff, they are strong and quick and athletic, musical, love to read -- both of them. And they are both really good with animals. I think Babsy and Cujo like them more than me now, LOL!

If only I could teach them how to appreciate football and baseball...

When we go out to take care of everyone, I have one hold the vitamins, and one hold the food, one gives out food, one give water and vitamins, and I clean poop. It works good out good.

Last summer I think, I took three very nice female puppies to the park with the girls, and gave them each a leash, and the 4 month old pups just pulled the one down. Ick! So I started working with them and Babsy, who is well-trained. This year, they can handle the four month olds at the park. They still need to be in a fenced in area, because they can drop the lead. And, I wouldn't want them to have a puppy run in front of a car and get smooshed. With Babs, she is totally under voice control (mine) even if they have the lead. But with puppies, I just do not want to see them watch something terrible happen if I am not quick enough to prevent it.

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