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Caitlin 07-11-2014 03:16 PM

Update! Also, cat question!
Hello all! It's been a busy summer for us so far.

Firstly, we moved. Not to another city, actually just a mile and a half north of our old place in DC to a new apartment. It's AMAZING. Central air and heat (haven't had that since 2010), real fancy appliances, huge ceilings, a skylight, a few custom blackboard walls you can write on, a jacuzzi bathtub, private balcony, hardwood floors throughout, I mean this place has the works.

Secondly, our Akita we adopted has turned out to be an AWESOME dog. He is just a big baby. I am still not sure how old he is, the shelter said he was 2, my vet said between 1 and 2, and lots of our friends think he has more growing to do but I just think he's a small Akita (80 lbs). We did find out the hard way that he is a total counter surfer/ trash eater when we're gone. So we bought locking trashcans (lifesavers) and just keep the counter clear. When we were moving he ate an entire bag of coffee grounds, and then threw it all up. :rolleyes:

Here he is chilling in our new place while the hubby cooks:

Getting picked up by the only one of our friends who can pick him up:

Checking out the balcony with our cat:

Exploring Rock Creek Park a couple of days ago:

I still miss having a GSD and definitely plan on getting one later down the road, but I do love my Akita. :D

Third, we gave away our other cat. The kitten we named Rhaegar. When we adopted him we lived with a roommate (my hubby's best friend) and that little cat bonded to our roommate way more than with us, and they sort of fell in love. After a month of deliberation before we moved we decided to let him keep him (he has asked to keep him multiple times but I had been unsure). I just didn't want to tear them apart. That little cat follows him EVERYWHERE like a puppy. At least he is with one of our friends so I can keep track of him, plus I can sleep easy knowing he'll never be outdoors or abandoned. I miss him but I feel like it was the right decision.

Fouth, and this is my "cat question" our older cat that we've had for years attacks our Akita every single time I play with him. Does anyone know why he is doing this? It started happening before we moved so I don't think it's moving stress. He used to do the same thing to Mali (our GSD) when I would clip her toenails and she would whine and lightly nip at me. Now every single time I "play rough" with our Akita he runs over growling and bites our Akita on his butt or back legs and grabs him. Our Akita never reacts, just lowers his tail, looks scared, and stops playing and a quick "NO!" towards the cat gets him to go away. I really want to know why he is doing this. Any ideas? It's annoying, I'd like to play with the dog without interference.

Thanks! :greet:

Mary Beth 07-11-2014 09:24 PM

I have been wondering how your Akita was doing The photos are lovely. Very thoughtful and wise of you to give he kitty away who as so attached to your friend. I am sure your friend is very grateful and relieved. I know how he feels. I took care of a friend's son's cat one summer and at the end of the summer the cat didn't want to leave and I did want to keep him but understood. When the time came for them to pick up the cat - he ran hissing and yowling up to the top of cat tree. They decided to leave him with me. For the kitty that is staying with you and his behavior when you are playing rough with your dog it seems to me that he is protecting you. That is some cat - taking on an Akita and luckily your Akita is a sweetie. What I would do is not to play rough with the Akita indoor with the cat. But you could try indoor fetching with a soft ball - I had a cat who loved to fetch - my husky refused - but the cat loved it. At least that game should not upset the cat.

Chip18 07-11-2014 10:27 PM

My first thoughts are usually the cat perceives an unstable dog and thus the behaviour...clearly this is not the case.

Do you have a cat tree? Don't know if that would help but it can't hurt.

You have to stop "antagonising" the cat as it were...yeah I know but who knows what a cat thinks??? The dog might decide one day that he has had enough of this crap!!! Game on!

Have the dog at your side and engage the cat with something like this:
PURRfect Cat Toy Wands |Cat Toys at

I'd keep a blanket or towel near by to throw on the cat in case the cat decides to redirect his attention from the toy to the dog!!! It's a yeah.

And a baby gate and food. Start at 5 feet or so for the cat and the dog and start feeding them together but "separate!" And slowly move the food bowels together so that eventually they will eat inches apart from the gate.

You can see the potential for problems with that preceded with due caution if you chose to try it!

I would not feed my GSD close to my cats, he gets cranky when they walk by his dish but he won't eat if I stand by him either! But he eats on the floor and the cats eat on the table that's fine with him.

But see how close they can get together with the baby gate, if they can get close enough to relax and eat, you could just switch up and go high/low.

Never did any of that myself but if I had your problem, that's how I would precede. Hope some of it helps? :)

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