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wyoung2153 06-17-2014 10:45 AM

To rescue or get my replacement pup?
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Just curious on y'all's thoughts. The BF and I have decided to add another fur baby to our little family. He has come a long way from the "not a dog person" when we first met, to now sending me ads when he sees a dog that needs a home :)

That being said he isn't sure he wants to go through a breeder and we recently talked about rescuing from the local shelter. Though, I do have a replacement puppy from a Boerboel breeder when I want her, on my terms. So there's that too. He said he doesn't care one way or another, that I am the "dog person" and he will be fine with whichever.

The problem is, if we go with the Boerboel from the breeder, I feel as though he won't feel like he had a say and won't feel like it's really his, because this was a prior incident before we were together. And I could see him getting a little more excited when we talk about going to the rescue and picking one out together.

NOW do I eat the $2500 already spent on the Boerboel for now and rescue? Or do I just go to the breeder because there's already money invested? It's hard because he says he doesn't care at all, but my gut says that he does and just knows I have money invested already in the other... What do y'all think? Obviously we will make the ultimate decision.. just curious on what you think :)

Decisions decisions...

martemchik 06-17-2014 10:53 AM

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He’ll be fine with any dog. He doesn’t sound like he wants a certain breed, so I’m sure he’ll fall in love with this dog as well. As he just wants another dog as a companion, I’m sure he really doesn’t care that much about what breed or what dog it is.

My GF didn’t have a lot of say in our first dog being a GSD. But she loves him more than anything and he’s actually “her dog.” Our second dog also ended up being a GSD because she needed a home, my GF has wanted to rescue a pittie for the longest time but knows we’re a two dog household so she realizes that due to this second dog, she won’t get her dog for at least a decade now. But she loves this dog just as much as our first one and this second one is exactly what my GF wanted, a huge cuddler.

Basically, unless he was really wanting to get into IPO or something where a different working dog is a better pick, I’m sure he’s not going to mind where the dog comes from. If he does decide that he wants to raise this one, if I were you, I’d step back a little and let him make this dog “his.” That way he’ll feel a much bigger connection to this dog than the one you have now.

Springbrz 06-17-2014 11:04 AM

What breed of dogs are in the ads he sends you? Does there appear to be a breed he leans toward in those ads? That might give you an indicator of the direction he might be going?

wyoung2153 06-17-2014 11:23 AM

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He sends me usually lab or goldens :) I know he really wants one of those. He doesnt want a shepherd.. unles we meet him in the rescue. He has the stigma now that all shepherds at Titan. Lol.. which he says isnt bad but he wants a lower energy level.. ha.

He loved the Boerboel I had.. we actually dated right about the time I had to return her and he loved her. Hmm..

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Zeeva 06-17-2014 11:37 AM

That's a tough decision considering the $2500. Aside from that I think a nice route to try is fostering some doggie that you two both initially like...That way you can make sure Titan gets along with the new addition as well (if that is a concern?).

Congrats friend...I'm kinda sad you didn't PM me about this! But I'm excited too! LOL ;)

scout172 06-17-2014 11:40 AM

I think you should rescue a dog and give a little rescue a chance. :hug:

martemchik 06-17-2014 11:42 AM

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I think lab/golden people would be really mad that your BF think that they are less energetic than GSDs. Unfortunately, poor breeding and the popularity of those dogs as pets has led breeders to breed that breed's workability out of it as well...

my boy diesel 06-17-2014 11:50 AM

has your situation changed enough to where you could raise and train the Boerboel?
was reading past posts where socialization and training were an issue
you might not have such constraints with a rescue lab or golden although i have to say i agree with martem in that they are not necessarily laid back dogs

Merciel 06-17-2014 11:51 AM

$2500 is a lot of money to just walk away from. I'd probably have trouble with that.

I don't know what the population of shelter dogs is like in your area, either, but that might also be a factor to take into account. Around here it's uncommon to find nice Labs or Goldens in the shelter population (although it's usually fairly easy to find them in rescue, and in fact I might be picking up a Golden mix foster this weekend).

Fostering with the possibility of adoption might be a good intermediate step if you're really having trouble deciding.

wyoung2153 06-17-2014 12:05 PM

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Thanks guys!! If we adopt, I think we will do the foster to adopt unless we fall madly inlove at first site.

Diesel-My situation has changed quite a bit... but I'm not entirely convinced yet if it's perfect for the breed, which is another thing rolling around in my head. I now live closer to work, much easier to get home for a puppy. It is now 2 of us, and much easer to help with everything including socializing, one with Titan, one with the new pup. I also would request a different personality than the last one I had. I wanted the pick pup, more confident, up front, protection personality. Which my have been some of the issue. This time I would want a more submissive, calm natured dog. Pretty much the opposite of what I had before.

Another thing too that I had issues with was that I couldn't leave Athena with anyone because she didn't like anyone else.. Though there is the possibility of deploying at the same time and vacations every now and then, I don't really have to worry about if I leave, who will watch her.. and vice versa.

With the rescue.. sometimes it sounds like the better option. We aren't looking for anything other than a pet so requirements for drive and working ability aren't there. We just want a calm(ish) happy pup. Ready to go when we go on walks or to the park, but can chill out in the house. plus I think the BF would appreciate being part of the picking process.. he doesn't say it, but I know him :)

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