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wyoung2153 05-29-2014 04:55 PM

German Shorthaired Pointers
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Anyone have one? Or have had one? How is their energy level compared to GSDs? A friend of mine had an oops litter from her 2 pure bred GSPs and I am thinking of taking one in. What are your guys' opinons?

Merciel 05-29-2014 05:02 PM

Working GSPs or conformation?

The working GSPs I've known are/were bananas. Super awesome and impressive to watch in performance, but holy crap I could not live with that energy level on a daily basis.

You know how some people feel like BCs and working Mals are crazy impossible-to-live-with maniacs? That is how I feel about working GSPs. I am sure they're not all like that, but all the ones I've met have been.

I like to think that I have a pretty high tolerance for high-energy working dogs, but I'd never be able to cope with one of those guys.

Having said that, though, if both the dam and sire of this litter belong to your friend, you should be able to go meet them and decide based on the individual dogs rather than breed stereotypes that might not apply to that pair.

wyoung2153 05-29-2014 05:07 PM

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Right, I have done reading on the stereo typical GSP and that lead me to ask for people with experience. I know how all that stuff works, lol.

I have met them both. Thor is working line, and they aren't positive about Dixie. Thor is very energetic, though I don't believe he is more than 2 so that could play a role. Dixie is less energetic and just wants love and to chill out with the family, though she can go when she wants to, lol.

wyoung2153 05-29-2014 05:08 PM

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I have to think abotu Titan too though. He is at the age (4 yrs) where I am not sure he is too fond of energetic dogs in his face. Then again, that could all be dealt with with training.

Tratkins 05-29-2014 05:29 PM

Our last dog was GSP. We rescued her from shelter after her owner passed away and she and several others were taken to shelter. She was 2 years old when we got her. She was very trainable and a wonderful addition to our family! Our kids were small at the time and she was very good with them as well as our 2 cats we had at the time. Great guard dog. Our meter reader hated her, but she was very friendly with those that she knew or strangers we introduced her too. My husband ran with her everyday and she was a great camping and hiking buddy. Energy level was moderate. She developed arthritis as she got older but other than that, a happy dog!

Amurphy26 05-29-2014 06:09 PM

I love them! I've had friends with them and seen good and bad GSPs. The bad have been crazy but no more crazy than any bored dog. The good have not been crazy in that it will get in your other dogs face, at least no more than any other pup. They love their exercise but similarly they love to curl up in their bed in front of the fire. If you're willing to spend the time on mental and physical exercise you will have an amazing dog. My husband is desperate for one!

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huntergreen 05-29-2014 07:37 PM

my bro in law has had three and is an avid hunter. really nice well behaved dog, energetic out side, loved to play, eager to please and easy going and laid back in the house.

wyoung2153 05-29-2014 07:48 PM

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Thank you guys! This gives me a little more info on real life experience. I feel one could be a good fit.. gotta wait for the BF to come with me and check them out.. we'll see.. but I feel we might wait a little longer but at least I could check em out :)

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sit,stay 05-29-2014 07:49 PM

They are very, very common here and I have fostered several over the years. They can be a little on the stubborn side. They train fairly easily and they are neat, tidy animals in the house. Kind of on the independent side, but not as independent as a hound (just more so than your typical sporting breed).

They all had fairly high exercise needs, with a few of them having extremely high exercise needs. Those few dogs that had the extremely high needs were absolute spazz dogs. They had a very hard time focusing and seemed more frantic than anything else.

LaRen616 05-30-2014 09:01 AM

I have only known 2 German Shorthaired Pointers, they had different owners, both were males, both were diggers, both were escape artists, both were runners, both were destructive, both had A LOT of energy and stamina.

This breed needs LOTS of exercise and mental stimulation, they are a VERY active breed and will become destructive when bored and they will try to escape your yard if they do not get enough attention and exercise.

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