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Ellimaybel 04-19-2014 04:22 PM

Non GSD barker
I'm at my wits end. As I have mentioned before I have an 11 pound miniature rat terrier who will NOT stop barking at people walking by. Nothing deters him. It's becoming more than an annoyance due to it causing Gunther to copy his actions. The terrier is no longer allowed free range of the yard. I can't muzzle him because it would leave him defenseless muzzled and leashed and I have nowhere to move the leash in the yard except on the side of the house but that is a high mosquito area and gets no sunlight. Any ideas?

SuperG 04-19-2014 04:38 PM

If you have a screen window or screen door that your rat terrier likes to stand at and bark at people...I have an idea that worked for me.

I took the garden hose with a sprayer attached and hid on the outside of house next to the screen door and waited for my dog to do her thing ( like yours ).....the moment she started to bark she got a blast from the hose sprayer through the screen door....took the full blast and surprised the heck out of her...big time. I believe I only had to that a few times and she didn't care much for barking through the screen doors any more.

Oh, the little bit of water in the house was well worth it...:D


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