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kbella999 04-10-2014 09:50 AM

Safelite windshield repair
Has anyone used this service and did it work for you? A rock hit my windshield and chipped it. :( Also was wondering if you paid for it or if your insurance did.

Springbrz 04-10-2014 10:03 AM

I have. It worked and my insurance did pay for it because I carry comprehensive coverage....Nationwide Ins.

You can call your insurance company and ask if they cover this service.

Gretchen 04-10-2014 10:24 AM

I called them to replace my windshield on my 04 BMW, I actually needed the rubber molding replaced and they refused to come out.

The advertisements saying your insurance will pay for it is a gimmick. That only works if you have a very low deductible, mine is $1000 - so no my insurance would not cover it. Many people only have minimum coverage. We ended up using a company that replaced the windshield on our large commercial truck. They came to our business. Many local businesses are able to do this too.

Lucy Dog 04-10-2014 10:29 AM

How big is the chip? If it's really small, I'd just try fixing it yourself. I've used this kit before with good results.

holland 04-10-2014 10:38 AM

If you have windshield included your insurance will pay for it-and they will come to where you are and replace it-they can repair but the crack needs to be small

kbella999 04-10-2014 10:40 AM

Thanks. I'll look into the kit. I have full coverage on my suv but don't need my insurance rates to go up any more than they have. Plus I figure I'd just have to pay deductible anyways.

JakodaCD OA 04-10-2014 10:54 AM

I"ve used them on my suv, got a spider crack, they repaired it with something, worked for a couple years, but it's now 'back' will call them again, No I didn't pay out of pocket my insurance pays

Liesje 04-10-2014 02:32 PM

I had a small crack and when I called they said if it was smaller than a dollar bill, insurance would pay for it completely because they'd fix the crack, not replace the glass. If it was bigger, I'd pay $100 deductible b/c of the type of auto insurance I have. They were going to come out the next morning but overnight, the little crack spread the length of the windshield so I cancelled the appointment. My crack runs the length of the windshield a few inches from the bottom so I haven't fixed it and probably won't.

asja 04-11-2014 12:24 PM

Yes I have used Safelite to fix a chip in my windshield. It's still holding up. My insurance covered the cost completely (USAA). I have also had several windshields replaced by Safelite and had to pay $200 each. If you have your windshield replaced, be sure to check your new windshield thoroughly! Very, very, thorough! The last windshield I had replace, it had several scratches right at eye level that would have driven me bonkers, and I refused to pay for it until they replaced it again. The installer even offered to waive the $200, but the scratches were in my direct line of sight, so I refused. They came back the next day with a another new windshield.

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