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selzer 04-07-2014 09:11 PM

Speeding in construction zones
There is no snow outside.

This means that it is Barrel Season, We usually have four seasons: Almost Winter, Winter, Still Winter, and Barrel. Only these days the barrels are there in the snow too. And the barrels stick around so long that we've started naming them.

"Yeah, did you see, someone took out Old Sparky?" "No, Really?"

Ok, that may be a slight exaggeration, but, it is true that the barrels seem to be more permanent than otherwise around here.

But in construction zones the speed limit goes down. And it should. And fines double. Only no one cares.

I can't afford a double fine, so I don't speed in construction zones. Oh, and I would really feel terrible if I caused someone's death because I wanted to get somewhere a few minutes quicker.

But whatever. I was driving along, passing a semi that was going 65 in a 70, and then we hit the construction zone. I slowed to 55mph. The semi continued to go 65, so it pulled beyond me. But before it did a second semi came up and started tailgating me. Fine. I can't move over, there's a semi over there.

So, I wait, because I am not going to speed in a construction zone. The Semi would not wait, and he pulled to the right to pass me. Fine. Knock yourself out. And the car behind him, zipped in behind him, and as he too passed me on the right, he flipped me the bird.

It was a construction zone! These weirdows will do this is snowstorms too. Why go 80 in a construction zone with snow all over the place??? But I lost it and I flipped him the bird too.

And for some reason, today, all the advice I really want to give is to acknowledge them with the middle digit. What's up with that???

Ah well, maybe a good long vacation cruise to somewhere warm and dry is indicated.

DonnaKay 04-07-2014 09:16 PM

Sounds like Michigan but we have only two seasons... construction season and snowmobile season. They drive stupid here, too.

angelas 04-07-2014 09:30 PM

I'm with you Sue. I'll speed like a demon except for three places: construction zones, emergency zones (fire, police, ambulance) or school zones.

There has been a construction zone on the only highway to work for the last 2 months (new bridge). It goes from 100 kph down to 60 kph and fines triple. It also went down to 40 kph as you came up to the temporary traffic light (one lane bridge for two way traffic).

Still people would go pell mell through it. And I haven't seen a cop in it since the sun started rising before 7:30. (Used to sit in the visitor information parking long and pick off speeders in the dark).

Shade 04-08-2014 07:45 AM

I've always respected construction zones and the like, but working in the field even though it's in a office has given me a whole new perspective.

One of our crews was working on a busy road, one was in the bucket of the truck working and the other was on the ground flagging the traffic. A car pulls up and is stopped, he waits not even 10 seconds to begin blasting his horn in impatience. 30 seconds later he speeds by actually knocking the stop sign out of our guys hand. When I heard that story at the end of the day my blood literally boiled.

selzer 04-08-2014 10:10 AM

Shade, that would boil my blood too.

I guess part of my rant is about the semis though. They are on the job, whether with their own truck or working for someone else. Any vehicle going 60 or 80 mph can kill people, but semis seem to be just so much more capable of killing lots of people.

If a semi is zipping along a deserted interstate at 10-20 miles over the speed limit on a sunny day, it wouldn't bother me. But when semis speed in construction zones, because they can; or speed in snow storms, because they think they can; or speed in construction zones during snowstorms, because they think they are invincible; well, I just get this feeling like I ought to turn into Wonder Woman, and throw that little lasso thing over the truck tires, and stop the semi, and pull the yayoo out of there and beat the snot out of them, so they have to spend about two months in the hospital recovering (yeah Wonder Woman never that, and that was what was wrong with that show, and why it isn't around anymore).

So is that some sort of personality disorder?

Blanketback 04-08-2014 10:19 AM

You could be like me and sloooooow right down. I figure, if I'm going to be rear-ended by a tailgater, I'd rather they hit me at 30 than 60. I don't know if that's a personality disorder either, lol. But I'm not sipping through a straw if I can help it!

shepherdmom 04-08-2014 10:24 AM


Originally Posted by angelas (Post 5340865)
I'm with you Sue. I'll speed like a demon except for three places: construction zones, emergency zones (fire, police, ambulance) or school zones.

For the most part I follow the speed limit. I usually don't go more than 5 miles over.

I had some guy tailgating an honking at me in a school zone. I was tempted to put my breaks on hard stopping completely. As it was I slowed down from 15 to about 10. The closer you get to my tail the slower I'm going to go.

I also have a big V-8 engine. So if you've been tailgating on my behind for miles and then hit a passing zone don't expect to get around me. ;) As long as you don't tail gate I'm happy to move over and let you around.

Blanketback 04-08-2014 10:27 AM


Originally Posted by shepherdmom (Post 5342657)
The closer you get to my tail the slower I'm going to go.

Now that would make a perfect bumper sticker for me! I really like the "Keep honking, I'm reloading" one, but yikes not in this anti-gun community! :D

Gwenhwyfair 04-08-2014 10:35 AM

Oh my gosh, can't believe you posted this Sue!!

I see this happening in school zones too!

I was thinking of starting a very similar thread today and titling it:

"Tail Gaiting and other Stupid Human Tricks!"

I used to be a somewhat aggressive driver in my younger years but many turns of the sun ago I figured out I wasn't doing myself or any drivers around me any good at all.

It occurred to me one day to ask, why do this? I NEVER had someone "I" was tail gaiting speed up for me. If anything they usually slowed down. Then I considered how I didn't like being tail gaited either and "I" never sped up for someone behind me.

I considered this for a moment, how insanely stupid we are when we do things like this day in and day out without ever thinking about how stupid it really is. It puts people at risk, it raises blood pressure but doesn't accomplish one dang thing!

So many years back I stopped tail gaiting people. I don't care how slow they are going, I just take a deep breath and wait for a place to safely pass.

Sometimes, on two lane country roads if someone is tail gaiting me as we pass the speed limit sign I'll roll down my window and point to the sign. Sometimes that'll back them off for a little while, but usually not.

Gwenhwyfair 04-08-2014 10:37 AM

It wouldn't stop them from tail gaiting you anyways. Recently in MI two guys had a road rage incident, pulled over, they both pulled guns and killed each other.

I thought about getting the bumper sticker that states "If I'm Driving Too Slow- Call the Police" it's funny but really doesn't do anything.

If people will blast through school zones it shows they don't care about other's safety and well being.


Originally Posted by Blanketback (Post 5342689)
Now that would make a perfect bumper sticker for me! I really like the "Keep honking, I'm reloading" one, but yikes not in this anti-gun community! :D

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